Euro-Bangla Heart Hospital Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

The name Euro-Bangla Heart Hospital is a very popular name in the field of medical care in Bangladesh. It is a comparatively new private hospital in Bangladesh but in this short period of time this hospital has become one of the most popular hospitals of Bangladesh. Euro-Bangla Heart Hospital has set a new standard to the medical care of Bangladesh.

In the past the people of Bangladesh have faced a lot of trouble just because of the lack of good private hospitals. But the time has changed a lot and with the time all the things around us also changed very much. Nowadays, we can find a lot of world class private hospitals in Bangladesh and most of them are able to provide good service.

The Euro-Bangla Heart Hospital is situated at the heart of the capital city of Bangladesh. This hospital is situated at Lalmatia, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The hospital is housed in a six storied building and around 200 patients can be housed at this hospital at the same time. This hospital is also one of the few specialized hospitals of Bangladesh for treating heart patients.

Euro-Bangla Heart Hospital Doctor List

The name says all the details about this hospital. This hospital is a specialized hospital for treating patients who are suffering from cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular diseases are the diseases which are related to the heart. The rate of people facing heart related disease is increasing day by day and the demand for the hospitals which are specialized in treating cardiovascular diseases are increasing also.

The name Euro-Bangla Heart Hospital became one of the greatest hospitals of Bangladesh. It has become a name of trust by treating people at an affordable cost. This hospital is also one of the most advanced hospitals of Bangladesh in case of having the most advanced technology. All kinds of modern medical equipment are available at this hospital.

This hospital has all kinds of modern intensive care units such as ICU, NICU, ICCU and many more. The hospital is also equipped with a number of high-end operation theaters available to them. Besides, the hospital also has a 24/7 available ambulance service. We all know the necessity of medicine in terms of medical care. For this reason, the hospital has also established a model pharmacy at the premises of the hospital.

Another thing which played a huge part in the success of this hospital is the cost. The cost of every kind of medical treatment is very much low here. It is a mid-range hospital in terms of cost but the service of this hospital is of world class. To provide world class treatment a hospital needs a team of workforce who are well qualified and have a good amount of experience in the field of medical science.

Euro-Bangla Heart Hospital Contact Number

The doctors, surgeons, nurses, technicians and all the other people who work here are really professional and know how to handle an enormous amount of pressure. The environment of a hospital is very important for the patients too. The environment of this particular hospital is very good and calm. All the corners of the hospital are very clean and you can not find a single piece of garbage anywhere.

These days the patients are very much serious about their health issues and they want to get the best treatment available to them. For this reason, the patients do some research before going to a hospital or before seeing a doctor. To do the research the patients use the website and the information available online for the hospital.

That’s why most of the hospitals these days upload all the necessary details of the hospital to the website of the hospital. The Euro-Bangla Heart Hospital has also uploaded all the details of their hospital and the doctor list of the hospital at the website of the hospital.

Euro-Bangla Heart Hospital has an emergency contact number where the patients can call whenever they need the help of the hospital. The emergency contact number is online 24/7. The rate of response of this emergency contact number is also very good. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-1971-008009.

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