Fairways Medical Center Limited Dhaka Doctor List and Contact Number

It is very astonishing how far the technology of modern times has helped to come to us. In recent times these technologies have made our lives a lot better. In recent times the influence of technology in the medical sector has also put a positive impact in the lives of all human beings. In the past the medical care of the whole world was very much vulnerable but in recent times, the whole medical scenario of the whole world has changed.

Nowadays, the medical care sector has reached new heights as almost all kinds of illnesses are curable these days except a few. The hospitals of the whole world have gained new heights in the last few years as new technologies have been introduced to the hospitals. With the support of modern medical technologies, the medical industry of the whole world has changed forever.

In Bangladesh the reformation of the medical sector has reached new heights. These days the people of Bangladesh do not need to travel abroad to seek medical assistance. In the past a number of people has to travel abroad to seek medical assistance as the number of public hospitals are very low in Bangladesh. In the public hospitals of this country the number of beds is also very much limited.

That’s why it was very much impossible to provide medical care to a large number of people living in Bangladesh. But the scenario started to change when many new private hospitals emerged in the medical scenario. These private hospitals are capable of providing medical care which is of international standard.

The Fairways Medical Center Limited Dhaka Branch is one of those hospitals which is capable of providing international standard medical care. This hospital is situated at Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We all know that Gulshan is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of Bangladesh. So, it is very much necessary to have a number of high-end hospitals here in Gulshan. Fairways Medical Center is a medical brand which owns a number of hospitals and clinics all over the world.

Fairways Medical Center is a company which is mainly based in the Arabian gulf and recently they have launched hospitals all over the globe. The Dhaka Branch of the hospital is also of international standards like the other branches. All kinds of modern medical care are available here in this hospital. This hospital is designed to face all the difficulties of the 21st century.

This hospital has a fully functional emergency unit and at the same time around 35 patients can be treated here in this emergency unit. This hospital is housed in a building which is ten stories and the whole building is fully air conditioned. The bed count of this hospital is approximately 300. The bed count of this hospital makes it one of the largest hospitals of the country.

Besides, all kinds of modern facilities are available here in this hospital. Intensive care units, emergency units, high-end operation theaters, you name it. The number of intensive care units are also very high in this hospital and these units are all of international standard. A diagnostic center is also available here in this hospital. The diagnostics center is also very much up-to-date as all the machinery and equipment of this diagnostics center are the latest.

But without the doctors a hospital cannot succeed in the long run. The management committee of this hospital has understood that and they have only hired the best doctors for this hospital. The doctors who work in this hospital have a very good track record in the field of medical science. Some of the doctors also have foreign medical degrees.

The surgeons of this hospital have vast experience and the operation success rate of this hospital is pretty high. The other medical staff of the hospital are also trained. If you want to know more about the doctors of this hospital then visit the website of this hospital.

Fairways Medical Center Limited Dhaka also has its emergency contact number and this number is online 24/7. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-1748470345.

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