Farazy Hospital Doctor List

Farazy Hospital is a distinguished private hospital in Banasree, Dhaka. The establishment was first led in the year of 2012 and they are providing a great service to the citizens of Bangladesh since then. The hospital has been providing reputable medical care for a vast number of people and gained a rapport with the people living in that region. The location of Farazy hospital is, “House number: 15-19, Block-E, Banasree main road, Rampura, Dhaka. 

Our huge relief nowadays is to obtain our necessary information from home. To know about the doctor or doctor list of Farazy Hospital, you can simply dial their hotline number 09606-990000. If someone is having a relative patient being treated in the hospital and they are residing outside the country, they should add the number +88 before the number and the phone number will be +8809606990000. Upon calling you can directly talk to an executive or reception specialist of the hospital.

It is a great advantage for you that you can book your appointment from the hospital prior to your arrival. It is a huge inconvenience in Dhaka is the transportation due to a huge crowds and a jam on the road. For this, going to the hospital multiple times create a great deal of disruption in their time management and hassle. To solve this issue Farazy Hospital has taken adequate steps and has given the people option to book an appointment with the doctor while being at their home. There are a couple of dedicated phone numbers for that. You can simply dial there and talk to an executive of the hospital about your booking. The phone numbers for a serial to the doctor are 01882084414 and 01766111137.

You can also file a detailed inquiry about your problem or suggest your advice via email. Farazy hospital is attentive to their email queries and prompt in their reply. For this, you can place your query at their official email address, farazyhospital@gmail.com.

The hospital is also dedicated to providing general health suggestions and tips to the citizen. Many marginalized people can take the help of this service. This is formally known as “Nagorik Seba” or “Citizen Service”. Here, you would get a lot of healthcare suggestions from expert doctors of Farazy Hospital. You have to dial their land phone number for this. The land phone number of “Nagorik Seba” of Farazy Hospital is 02-8390000. Regardless of the fact that if you are calling either from your cell phone or landline, you can reach the number upon having credit on your device.

Nowadays healthcare is considered blind without a proper diagnosis. It is a recommended practice for doctors also to take proper diagnostic steps before prescribing to a patient. It is a problem in many cases that, the hospital complexes do not have a diagnosis facility within their premises. But this is not the reason for worry in the case of Farazy Hospital. The hospital has a diagnostic center available within its premises and patients can take their tests there at a convenient price.

Healthcare concerns might appear as an emergency for many. For this, quick transport is needed, especially in Dhaka city. The Farazy Hospital has a dedicated ambulance service to provide quick support to patients who are facing a medical emergency. To avail yourself of this service for yourself, you have to call their ambulance service mobile number and the number is 01841007006.

The hospital is equipped with 80 beds available to provide accommodation to the patients. Farazy Hospital has an adequate number of nurses and attendees for the acute medical attention of the patients.

On top of this, a number of female specialist Guiney doctors and nurses are appointed to provide privacy to the women as it is a concern of the Bangladeshi people no matter what their religion is. The nurses are very friendly and admirable in their hospitality manner. Overall, the whole condition is quite appreciable in every term. The hospital authority takes great care of hygiene and cleanliness. It secures the safety of the patients from a lot of other diseases. The medical disposable unit is also very serious and responsible regarding waste disposal.

Nowadays, people are tending to spend less money on phone calls and prefer an internet service to place their call or to satisfy the need of talking. To persuade, the hospital also has a Whatsapp number. You can call via the internet at this number. The WhatsApp number of the Farazy Hospital is +8801845444444. If you need to know more about the hospital, you can visit the official website of the hospital through an internet connection.

The hospital authority thinks of better safety of the patients and has opened a cafeteria to contribute fresh food to the patients and attendees of the patients. This helps release the headache for the clients of additional worries about clean and fresh food. All the individuals can also have fresh water from the hospital.

You always have the option to reach the hospital in person and collect your doctor list from reception. The hospital has a custom brochure for this. Also, when you take any diagnostic services from the hospital, you should check their brochure about the prices and other regulations. Some of the diagnostic checks need prior measures to conduct the screening and testing procedures with accuracy. It is suggested that you follow them or take notes on those details while consulting with the doctor.

If you are traveling from outside of Dhaka, you can also think of the Government hospitals if you are thinking most about financial conveniences. Government hospitals are also fully dedicated to their service and help you provide a great deal of care. The only problem associated with Government hospitals is the accommodation problem. If you can manage your stay in Dhaka in some other places, the treatment of Government hospitals is greatly recommended as well.

Albeit, renowned private hospitals like Farazy Hospital welcome you with great acknowledgments and facilities where you get the full value for your price. A team of dedicated doctors who are experts and specialized in their sectors are there to help you with their best. 

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