FNAC Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

FNAC is a test name or term which was taken from the formal enunciation or interpretation of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology. In the second paragraph, you can find the name, its branches, and the associated price. Follow along with the article to satisfy your best interest regarding the FNAC test. If you want to know in-depth about the FNAC test, you can follow till the end to know additional information about the FNAC test. The sampling procedure is done with the help of a fine needle.

The fine needle aspiration diagnosis is done mainly on lumps or masses which need to be examined. The test is named after fine needle test because the syringe used for taking the sample has a very fine needle. The diameter of that needle is about half a millimeter. The taken sample is then stained to observe under the scopes of a microscope. FNAC test is one kind of biopsy test. The test is not a major one but a tiny surgical methodology. The test often does not need hospitalization.

In recent times, the test is mostly taken to observe the condition of cancer cells or any kind of inflammatory disease. The procedure is almost painless instead a little amount of irritation caused by the needle. The test is very safe and secure most of the time. Merely few non-inclusive cases have been found where the testing has not been fruitful enough.

FNAC Test Price In Bangladesh

Test Name Price (In BDT/Taka)
FNAC 1500
FNAC per slide supply 200
CT guided FNAC 6500
FNAC (Both Breast) 2000
USG guided FNAC 1200


It is mainly used to find the nature of infection if there is found any inflammation in the human body. The body has its own nature of healing the disease and needs a high priority of concern if there is any kind of virus-caused abruption in the human body. The test is mainly done in few specific places where the risk of the presence of some cancer cell.

If it is found in some scattered areas of the body, the doctor might treat it as a natural inflammation. But, if it is a targeted region like the chest or pelvics, there is a high chance that the patient might be affected by cancerous cells.

The nature of the cancerous cell is that they affect the natural growth process of the cells and cause a corrupt growth of human cells. The lump infects the related cells and a fall in the human immune system is observed. For this reason, the cancer cells are treated seriously and a matter of great concern as it might result as the death of that individual being. So, if the doctor advises for it, it is time for you to think about a greater risk if not treated within a short period of time.

How the FNAC sampled cells might be affected

If any pervasive object is found inside the blood system which is under the skin and muscles, the white blood cells are dispersed for curing the foreign molecules. The kinds of molecules are much different from each other. It can be either a fungus or virus or a large kind of external moles.

Nature of the outcome

In this test, no blood is taken rather a tiny amount of cell sample is collected for observation and inspection. The molecular disruption is concurred with proper scientific quant variable. Moreover, if virus cells are found; the polymerase test might be advised on following to detect the stage and nature of the viral infection. The fungal infection is not that harmful and rather a sigh of relief for the patient. The patient can go home with some peace at mind and for not being tested positive for a viral interruption which can be treated with minuscule treatment.

The other molecule invasions can be much different from each other. These are a form of pervasive materials like worldly materials through invading the skin. Chemical absorption is also possible by the human skin and can cause inflammation. These are supposed to occur in random places in the body.

The chemicals can be a lot different from each other because the kinds of materials are different from scenario to scenario or object to object. This kind of problem is mostly treated as some puss. These are release mechanically if it happens to happen on the outer surface region. If the infection is a bit deep in the muscle, simple medicine can cure it with ease.


The patient has to take a little amount of precaution before the test and that is not problematic. In this section, the preparations and precautions are mentioned for prior knowledge of the patient.

  • The patient can not take food within the previous few hours. Little hydration or proper hydration is allowed if not made out of bounds by the doctor.
  • Any kind of anti-inflammatory medicines or non-steroidal medications are discouraged to be taken to obtain the accuracy of the test.
  • The patient is not allowed to take any kind of blood thinners prior to the test. The suspension of these chemicals might be asked to defer week/weeks of the test. These chemicals are mainly anticoagulants.
  • The intake of aspirin-like medicines are prohibited on the day of the test.
  • In general, a prior blood sample of the patient is taken a couple of weeks before the actual test. This is a routine test and it tells suggests the doctor about clotting profile of that individual blood sample.

How the test is done

Due to the intention of achieving splendid accuracy, two needles are used to conduct the test. Though, only one needle is inserted inside the body. The first needle is used for holding the area of infection at firm condition while the other needle is used to puncture the area. The needle obtains a little amount of diseased or abrupt cells from the infected region. In this manner, the sample is taken for further observation.

If the problem occurs in several places, different samples would be taken. This helps measure the absolute problem or some other problem simultaneously in the process. After all these are done, the patient’s infected area is kept open for few hours to see if that place is prone to other attacks or not. This susception of leaving infected places open suggests to the doctor if the place has lost its immunity or not. This is a reverse drawback for the doctor and a prior knowledge of the real-time immune condition of that patient.


You are free to ask any other question about the FNAC test and its collaterals. If you need to make a query, just drop a comment in the comment section. It would be a pleasure to satisfy your query with research data and other basic information. If you need to know more about any other test or health-related insight, we welcome you to contact us or comment. It would be a high priority for us to answer for you.

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