Fortune Hospital Dhaka Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

As human beings we have some rights which are called fundamental rights. The UN and other organizations have declared that, for all human beings’ fundamental rights are very important. The people around the world are very much conscious about their rights these days and all the nation tries to provide its citizens with all kinds of fundamental rights.

We know that, some of the nations around the world are called developed, some are called underdeveloped and some are called developing countries. On the basis of the human rights index, we call the nations by these names. The nation which can provide more fundamental rights to its citizens is considered the more developed.

The right of medical care is also included in the fundamental rights. Medical care is a very essential thing in every man’s life. Without proper treatment we cannot survive for not very long. In the past many of our ancestors have died of many diseases we consider as mild diseases, but back then those diseases were very much deadly because there was not enough medical care for everybody.

With the passage of time people came to realize that if they want to live a happy and long life then they have to pay attention to medical care and the two World Wars have also helped us to improve our medical care system.

In the present times, we are living in an age of technology and the implementation of the technology has made our lives easier in all the sectors of our lives. When medical science got mixed up with modern technology, the medical care system of the whole world reached new heights. Like the rest of the world Bangladesh has also paid a great deal of attention to the medical care system of the country.

In the last few years, Bangladesh has become a developing country as the economic condition of the country has improved very much in the last few years. When the economic condition of a country sees new horizons, the people of the country want a more comfortable and safe life. That’s why with the economic boom in the country many private hospitals have emerged in the medical sector of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh used to be a country where most of the people did not have access to the proper medical care. But in recent years, Bangladesh has become a country where we can find not only enough hospitals but also, we can find a number of world-class hospitals too. There was a time when a lot of people of Bangladesh had to go abroad to seek good medical attention but those days are long gone.

It is known to us that going to other countries just to seek medical attention is a very difficult thing and it is very expensive too. But these days, the people of Bangladesh do not need to go to other countries to seek medical attention.

The Fortune Hospital is one of the best mid-range hospitals you can find in Bangladesh. This hospital is situated at Road #03, Sector-01, Uttara, Dhaka. This hospital is housed in a building which is eight stories. Around 150 patients can be admitted into this hospital at any given moment. Fortune hospital is also one of the most advanced private hospitals you can find in the Uttara area. As this hospital is very much up-to-date and it tries to maintain a very good standard of medical care all the time.

Intensive care units, emergency units you name it, all kinds of modern medical services are available here. The operation theaters of the hospital are also the latest. All the modern medical machinery is available in this hospital. Diagnostic center and 24/7 ambulance service is also available here.

The doctors are the souls of any hospital and if the doctors are not good enough then the hospital cannot provide good service for sure. That’s why Fortune Hospital has only hired the best doctors you can find. To know more about the doctors, go to the website of the hospital. The contact number of the hospital is: +88-02-8914220

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