FT4 Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

Free thyroxine is measured in the test called FT4. The T4 hormone is the highest in rate to be produced by the thyroid gland. The T4 is later converted into the T3 hormone or triiodothyronine hormone. It gets passed to the kidney, liver and other parts of the body. The T3 and T4 hormone together regulate the overall metabolism of the human body.

When the hormone T4 is released into the body, it mainly remains potent within the body and flows with the bloodstream. The potency is broken in very few cases, and only free thyroxine is considered as a biologically activated hormone. The hormone has several very significant roles to play within the body. 

FT4 test price in Bangladesh

The price of the test ft4 lies within the range of 1000 taka to 1200 taka. The price could be on the lower end for public hospitals and private hospitals can ask for the peak of the range.

Thyroid analysis

The FT4 test is generally advised with the parallel tests of FT3 and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) test. FT3 also plays an important role in thyroid hormones. Though many people think that, T3 and T4 tests are as same as the FT3 and FT4 tests. The fact is that they are quite different from each other. The FT tests are measured to assess the amount of free thyroxine which is active and plays a biologically active role.

The underactive thyroid and overactive thyroid are also measured through this test. It is a matter to remind that, if the patient is taking some vitamin-B7 medications or supplements, the result could vary. To make it simple, vitamin B7 has active interaction with the thyroid level of the body.


The doctor takes several aspects together into consideration when preparing an FT4 test. The associations of FT4 levels interact with several facts of the body. The reasons are as follows,

  • Overmedication
  • Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)
  • Pregnant condition
  • Amiable thyroid nodules
  • Improper anti-thyroid medicine

When the doctor finds a lower level of FT4, he takes the following matters into consideration,

  • Lack of proper Iodine
  • Underactive thyroid
  • Intake of thyroid replacement hormones
  • Over usage of thyroid medication

Reference range

There is a range of FT4 tests and a healthy patient’s thyroid rate should be within this range. If the rate goes beyond the level of the reference range, the problem would be referred to as hyperthyroidism. On the other hand, if the rate of thyroxine is found below the reference range, the problem would be called hypothyroidism.


People who are suffering from an unexpected range of FT4 level patients are often prescribed a medication that contains synthetic thyroid hormone. To assure the patients, the next information might help. The human body does not understand the difference between organic thyroid and the inorganic/synthetic thyroid. So, one should not worry about synthetic chemical uptake. Albeit, the FT4 level in the blood is again measured after the intake of medicines. This is done to test the efficacy of the medicines. 

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