Get Sure Pregnancy Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

Pregnancy test kits are used to determine whether any woman is carrying a baby or not. The test is taken by using urine as a sample and has more than 95% of accuracy. The quality products have 97% to 99% of accuracy rate. Get sure is a popular pregnancy test kit in Bangladesh. You can go to a nearby pharmacy store and get these kits at a very convenient rate. The price of the product is quite low as for people can use it if there is any requirement to take the test.

Most of the time, an individual is supposed to buy a minimum of two strips while buying. It is because the test kits are prone to get damaged by a simplest amount of chemical interference or mechanical damage. Though, in very meager cases, the test report might come up with some errors. To avoid this thing, a couple of tests are taken as a standard procedure.

Rarely, there could be a false negative result from the test. It might happen for a few reasons. The reasons are, you might be taking the test too early. Also if you are not a minimum of ten days pregnant, the test might show a false negative. Though, some urine-related problems might cause the situation. If your urine is too diluted, the result can show a false negative also.

Hence, there could be a bunch of reasons for showing a false negative report from the test. The reason can be a chemical pregnancy, which means any unexpected chemical interference with the ovary can cause this problem. In some cases, the fertilized egg could get implanted outside the uterus and this is called an ectopic pregnancy.

Also in the cases of recent miscarriage or abortion, the resulting report can be error prone. To add, if any fertility medicines are taken by the patient, there could be a false negative result. Albeit, it is almost certain to come out with a 94% to 99% accurate result with the help of pregnancy tests. So, these kind of situations are seldom.

Get sure pregnancy test price in Bangladesh

Get sure pregnancy test kits are very popular among the common people of Bangladesh. Though, it is renowned among people regardless of their financial conditions. The price of the kits might vary as per the number of strips in a single packet.

You can also buy singular strips from the stores for your personal use. The price of a single strip can be bought at the price between 16 taka to 20 taka. Also, few online stores might sell it at a more cheap price. In an online store of Bangladesh, the strips could be found only at the cost of 5 taka.

The company also sells pregnancy cassettes. These cassettes are protected by a frame of plastic to ensure the chemical and mechanical security of porous paper inside the testing kit.

Usage and Results

The test strip is inserted into the urine and kept for five to ten minutes while the red lines appear on the resulting screen. If there are two stripes, the result would be positive or pregnant. If only one line appears, the result is taken as a negative or non-pregnant.

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