Green Eye Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Eye is one of the most precious organs of a human being. Without an eye we cannot see a single thing. Our sights help us to see the world around us. The health issues related to the eye are increasing day by day and the number of the people who use glasses are increasing on a great scale. For that reason, the demand for good eye care hospitals is increasing too.

The eye care system of the whole world has gained a new height in the last few years. In the past there was a time when there were no good private eye care hospitals in Bangladesh but the time has changed by much and many new eye care hospitals emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh.

Green Eye Hospital Dhanmondi

The Green Eye Hospital is one of the best eye care hospitals in Bangladesh without any doubt. Green Eye Hospital is situated at Dhanmondi, one of the most popular neighborhoods of the capital city of Bangladesh. The location of the hospital makes it one of the most popular hospitals of the country. This hospital has served a lot of patients in the last few years.

This hospital offers all kinds of treatment linked to eye care. Green Eye Hospital is the pioneer eye care hospital of Bangladesh. All kinds of eye surgery are also available in this hospital. The fact is that this particular hospital is the one and only international standard eye care hospital in the country.

Green Eye Hospital was established back in 2012 and since then it has been operating with a huge success. The surgery success rate of this hospital is more than 96% which is pretty high compared to the other eye care hospitals of Bangladesh. The Green Eye Hospital has all the modern equipment needed for an eye hospital. This hospital has always kept its equipment up to date and provides a world class medical care system to the people of our country.

Green Eye Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

Green Eye hospitals treat around 500 patients daily and perform a huge number of eye surgeries on a daily basis. The doctors or the consultants of this hospital are one of the best in the entire Indian subcontinent. These doctors’ posses a distinguished academic background and most of the doctors have completed their higher medical degrees from the reputed universities from abroad. The other medical staff of the hospital are also very much skillful and experienced.

This hospital has also established a laboratory and a diagnostics center which is truly dedicated for the tests of the eye. A total of 150 patients can be admitted into the Green Eye Hospital. The operation theater of the hospital is also of international standard and there are four operation theaters available in this hospital. There is also a pharmacy on the ground floor of the hospital. In the last few years this hospital has not only treated a lot of patients with eye complications but also have done a lot of successful surgeries.

The doctors and the surgeons of this hospital are of international class and you can also find a number of foreign doctors in this hospital. These doctors also possess medical degrees from universities from overseas. Nowadays it is a very common tendency among the patients to learn about the doctors beforehand seeing a doctor. So, the Green Eye Hospital has uploaded all the essential information about the doctors in the website of the hospital. In the website the patients can find all the information they need about the doctors and about the hospital.

Green Eye Hospital Dhanmondi Contact Phone Number

The helpline contact number feature of the hospital is also a very popular feature of this hospital. By calling at these helplines the patients can let the hospital authority know about any kind of issues, the patients can seek an appointment and quench the thirst of their queries. The helpline contact number of the hospital is: +880-1770-408060.

If you are looking for the best eye care hospital of the country then you should surely checkout the website of the Green Eye Hospital or call at the hotline contact number.

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