Greenland Hospital Ltd Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

The medical sector of the whole world has changed dramatically in the last few years. With advancement in all the other sectors of science the medical sector also demanded advancement. If we look back at our history of medical care then we will see that the medical care sector of the whole world was not that advanced a few years back.

But with the passage of time we have developed our medical sector very much and these days the doctors have the ability to treat almost all kinds of diseases. We also invented many other medical equipment and vaccines which can help us in terms of medical care.

Bangladesh has also come a very long way in terms of medical care. We all know that Bangladesh is a country where the population count is much greater than most of the countries in the world and it is also one of the most densely populated countries in the whole world. It is an impossible task for the government to provide medical care for all the people of the country.

As most of the government hospitals do not have enough room for the people. For this reason, many private hospitals have started their operation in Bangladesh. Some of these private hospitals are high-end and some of the hospitals are of mid-range standard but these mid-range hospitals have the ability to provide good medical care at a very affordable cost.

Mid-range hospitals have helped the Bangladeshi people a lot as these hospitals provide good medical care but at a very low cost. Greenland Hospital Ltd is one of those hospitals which provides affordable medical care. This hospital is located at Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This hospital has a large number of services which it offers to the patients. The Greenland Hospital Ltd is housed in an eight storied building and the maximum patient handling capability of this hospital is around 200.

This hospital has a 24/7 ambulance service. Ambulance service plays a very crucial part in the sector of medical care. This hospital also has a number of intensive care units and a diagnostics center. It is known to us all that, without the diagnostic report it is very hard for the doctors to come to any conclusion about anyone’s health and these days the doctors recommend a number of tests when they see a patient.

Intensive care units are also very important just like the diagnostics center. The intensive care units are needed whenever a critical patient comes to the hospital most of the time these patients need an intensive care unit. Though this hospital does not have an emergency unit, this hospital has the ability to take care of the patients who need emergency care and support. There are a bunch of departments available here in this hospital. All the departments have good doctors working for them. The wide range of departments help the hospital to provide medical care for all kinds of diseases.

It is very important to talk about the doctors whenever we are discussing a hospital. The doctors of the Greenland Hospital Ltd are well-educated and have vast experience in the field of medical care. The surgeons who operate in this hospital are also skillful. Some of the doctors who work in this hospital also have a foreign degree in medical science.

The other medical staff of the hospital such as the nurses, technicians and all the other staff of the hospital are experienced in the field of medical care. To know more about the doctors who work here, you need to visit the website of the hospital or you can also visit the Facebook page of the hospital for more queries.

These days it is very much important for the hospitals to have an emergency contact number or hotline number. These numbers help the patients to get connected to the hospital whenever they want to. This hospital also has a hotline number and the number is: +880-1716-623627.

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