Gulshan Maa O Shishu Clinic Ltd. Doctor List and Contact Number

Pregnancy is a very complex issue and if a woman does not get the proper treatment in the period of pregnancy, then the chances of an accident are very high. In the past, a huge number of women have died during the period of their pregnancy due to the lack of proper treatment. But the time has changed a lot in the last few years and many new specialized hospitals have emerged for the treatment and care of pregnant women worldwide.

The rate of death during pregnancy was pretty high in Bangladesh too. But many specialized hospitals have also started their operation in the field of medical care in Bangladesh. Specialized hospitals for pregnant women and children were one of the crying needs of Bangladesh. That’s why the Government and many private groups came up with a lot of specialized hospitals.

The Gulshan Maa O Shishu Clinic is one of those specialized hospitals. The name of the hospital suggests to us where it is based. This hospital is located at Gulshan, Dhaka. The demand for a specialized hospital for pregnant women, new mothers and new born babies was increasing day by day. After the foundation of this hospital was laid the people of Gulshan breathed a sigh of relief.

In a very short time this hospital became one of the most popular hospitals in the Gulshan and Banani area. People from other parts of Dhaka city and who live near Dhaka city come here to get medical assistance. This hospital is situated in a five storied building and around 100 patients can be admitted into this hospital. The bed count of this hospital is pretty decent.

This hospital can provide all the medical needs of the 21st century. This hospital is fully equipped with all the modern medical technology. This hospital always tries to keep up with the modern technology of the world. Here in this hospital, we can find an emergency unit which is up and running 24/7. The hospital also has a number of intensive care units in case of emergency.

Intensive care units are like wildcards in the modern times. The availability of these units can help the doctors to save a patient’s life. The operation theaters of this hospital are also of world-class standards. These operation theaters are also filled up with all the modern medical machinery.

We know that some of the best hospitals of Bangladesh do not have any ambulance service of their own. But the Gulshan Maa O Shishu Clinic Ltd has its own ambulance service and this service is also available 24/7 just like the emergency unit of the hospital. So, if you need an ambulance just give them a call. This hospital realized the necessity of a diagnostics center a few years back and nowadays you can also find a diagnostics center here in the hospital.

The main reason behind the success of this hospital is the affordable cost. The cost of treatment in this hospital is very much low but the service is top-notch. The cost of tests and medication is also very low here. That’s why most of the people consider this hospital above all the others.

Without discussing the consultants or the doctors, the discussion of a hospital is not complete. All the doctors of this hospital are well-qualified and have vast experience. These doctors are also very much professional. The surgeons of this hospital are very much skillful as the success rate of operation in this hospital is pretty high.

The other medical staff of this hospital like the nurses and the technicians are also very much experienced. These days the patients have a lot of queries about the hospitals. If you have any queries about this hospital then just visit the website of this hospital and all the details are provided here.

This hospital also has a helpline contact number or emergency contact number. This number is active 24/7 that means no matter what the time is, just call at the hospital and they are there for you. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-17154-24437.

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