Harun Eye Foundation Hospital Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Eye related diseases are increasing at an alarming rate worldwide. The number of users of prescribed glasses are also increasing on a huge scale. For that reason, the people around the world are looking for good hospitals which are specialised in eye care. Eyes are definitely one of the most important organs of humans. Without the eyes we cannot see a single thing.

People all over the world are now worried about their eye health and want to get advice from the experts. With a view to meet the demand of the people many new advanced eye care hospitals have been established all over the world. In Bangladesh we also have a number of specialised eye hospitals too. In the last few years, the number of specialised eye hospitals have increased in the entire country and most of the hospitals are situated in Dhaka.

The Harun Eye Foundation Hospital is one of the latest additions to the medical sector of Bangladesh. This is a well-known eye hospital in the country. This hospital started its operations a few years back and got a huge recognition in a very short amount of time. This hospital is situated at Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The hospital is housed in an 8 storied building. The hospital has all the modern medical equipment needed for a modern international standard eye hospital.

Harun Eye Foundation Hospital Doctor List

The estimated cost of establishing this hospital is beyond TK 60 million. The main purpose behind establishing this hospital was to ensure that the people of Bangladesh get the international standard medical care on the soil of the country. In the past most of the complicated operations related to the eye had to be done abroad as the hospitals did not possess any kind of modern equipment but the time has changed a lot in the last few years and nowadays, we can get all kinds of modern treatment for our eyes in our own country.

Harun Eye Foundation Hospital provides the best possible service for their patients at a very low cost. We all know that the treatment of eye related diseases is very expensive and these treatments take a lot of time to be completed. But this particular hospital has changed this outlook of treatment as the cost of treatment is very much low here. In this hospital around 250 patients can be housed at any given moment.

The hospital also has its own ambulance service which is available 24/7. A lot of things are needed to run a hospital these days like a diagnostics center, a laboratory, modern equipment for the lab and diagnostics center, a pharmacy and the technicians who can run all these things easily. The Harun Eye Foundation Hospital has all these things at its disposal.

Harun Eye Foundation Hospital Contact Number

Besides, all the modern equipment a hospital also needs good doctors, skillful surgeons, nurses and all the other medical staff who are experienced. Harun Eye Foundation Hospital has it all. The doctors and the surgeons of this hospital have the best eye consultants in the country working for them. The doctors of this hospital are very much qualified and have a vast knowledge in the field of medical care. The surgeons of the hospital are also very skilful and have a huge experience in dealing with patients.

Nowadays, the patients want to know more about the doctors and the hospitals beforehand. As modern technology evolves and we can find all the information we need online, we also want the list of doctors of a hospital to be available online and that’s why the hospitals upload all the necessary data in the website of the hospital. The website can be accessible by the patients or by anyone whenever they feel free. If you want to know more about the doctors of this hospital then check out the website of this hospital.

The hospital has established a 24/7 available emergency contact number. Here the patients can call whenever they want and ask for help or fulfil their queries if they have any. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-02-9613930-34.

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