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HBsAg is an antigen. This antigen is not from a proper flow of the blood rather it is a part of the encircling surface antigen of hepatitis B. It keeps its presence both in the serum and the plasma. The detection of hepatitis B is quite simple if the screening detects the positive appearance of HBsAg in blood. The testing procedure is highly accurate and done properly within in vitro culture. In vitro means the testing process which is done indoors and within a controlled atmosphere or surroundings.

With a very high success rate of detection, the testing reagents, and the procedure has gained exposure throughout the world. The test itself is not that costly and widely accepted cleanly where the accuracy level is more than 98%. The cost of the regular HBsAg is fairly low and most people can afford it without hitch. Even the urban cities of Bangladesh can offer the HBsAg test and create a properly credible report.

The end part of the article contains HBsAg test price along with other variations of the test. There are certain types of HBsAg tests where people can only test the screening and also quantitative tests are available at diagnostic centers and hospitals.

HBsAg is also renowned as Australian antigen. Viruses are not individually an organism. The virus is just a covering or shell and not activated as an organism until it gets a host. This might be called a shell or covering made of protein. When the virus gets its way through to a human body or any other living organism, it attaches it to the surface of the organism and pushes the proteinous antigen or DNA inside the host organism. 

HBsAg is basically the antibody as said before which is an active particle to manipulate the immune system of the body. Most of the time, the antibody is made of protein. Though, there are many toxins and poisonous substances available that work as antibody. Whereas HBsAg is only protein. The body has a default immune system working with the blood force. If any antibody or foreign toxin enters into the human body, the immune system gets activated promptly. The only difference between antigen and toxins is that the antigen can exploit the immune system.

The white blood cells are the main responders of immune system in human body. The antigens of virus can fool the mechanism of white blood cells and can escape from the phagocytosis procedures by acting like a normal protein. Upon getting free, the virus antigen work to form antibody. When the antibody is formed and established, it become a prominent protein. The antibody is taken as a parallel format of white blood cells.

The blood antibody is a developed part of blood which can work as a part of the immune system. The basic immune system can eliminate any toxins or unwanted materials from blood through excreta. If the virus antigen can with the white blood cells, it can form different types of antibodies within the body. Where the antibody play a vital role within the immune system terminate the diabolic product, viral antibody do the opposite. Instead of removing appalling substances, the viral antibody remove other useful antigens and antibody.

The process might end up collapsing the immune system up to a menacing state. While the white blood cell can not make a difference between worthy antibody and a virus; cultured antigen-proteins can do the job done. The protein sequencing of cultured antigen-proteins are target specific and very easily can detect the presence of HBsAg virus within the blood. 

If the doctor sees symptoms of the disease Hepatitis, the patient is supposed to get advised for an HBsAg test. The testing process is done with a blood sample. You have to fill up some paper with your credentials to acknowledge you when the test is over. The test is done in diagnostic centers’ lab. 

HBsAg is a test within the category of histopathology. Histopathology is a test in which all aspects of the blood can be calibrated and later taken care of at the doctor’s discretion. If the doctor can detect the HBsAg within the blood, he/she would take necessary care of the patient. It is much better if preventive measures are taken early. The most common way to treat high level of HBsAg is post-vaccine. It can be a matter of relief that, with the help of vaccine, the disease can be cured within a subtle period of two weeks.

The disease was first discovered in Australia. The inventor was an Australian person. The individual was called Baruch S. Blumberg. He was awarded Nobel prize for this invention. Later, it was discovered that the hepatitis serum was a part of a virus. Famous virologist Alfred Prince took care of the discovery.

During the primal stage, the basic sample was blood and blood serum was collected to do the test. Though the process has changed and the recent procedure is conducted with the help of recombinant DNA. These DNA are organized beforehand and cultured inside E. Coli (mostly). The recombinant DNA uses a marker to detect the HBsAg. 

The high level of HBsAg is contemplated very easily. The disease can spread through contamination. The level of contamination are widely varied. It can spread from one person to another if the other person comes in contact with any of the body-secreted liquid or serum of the patient. A few ways the disease is being spread are, dialysis, copulation, sharing drug syringes, liquid contamination, etc.

Moreover, there are some misinformation spread throughout the country regarding jaundice that are not such active ways of spreading the disease in recent times. These common misinformation are, coughing, sneezing, kissing, breastfeeding, hugging, sharing the same utensils, etc. There are five main types of disease. Those are Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E.

HBsAg Test Price In Bangladesh

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HBsAg Test


HBsAg (Quantitative Test)


HBsAg (Confirmatory Test)


HBsAg (Screening Test)


HBsAg Test (at ICDDRB)


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