Hemoglobin Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

The blood is consisted of many types of particles, serums, and liquids. Hemoglobin is a protein molecule present within the blood to transfer oxygen throughout the human body. It is a distinct part of the blood and responsible for carrying oxygen molecules from the heart to the rest of the organs or regions of the body. 

 How it works within the body

When the blood is filled with oxygen, that is called oxygenated blood and the hemoglobin gets the form of oxyhemoglobin (HbO2). When the blood reaches the designated destination of the human body, the hemoglobin releases the oxygen molecules and transformed into normal hemoglobin again. There is another function of the hemoglobin which is carrying the toxic carbon dioxide molecules with it through the veins.

The different parts of the body send carbon dioxide in the form of carbamino-hemoglobin (HbCO2). Blood particles with carbamino-hemoglobin gets released into the lung for further purification and respiration.

 Reference range of the test

The reference range of hemoglobin is counted in grams per deciliter. The common reference range of the hemoglobin test for a male person is 13.2 grams per deciliter to 16.6 gm/dL. For the convenience of many, the count may be expressed as 132 grams per liter to 166 grams per liter. If the individual is a female, the test result of 11.6 grams per deciliter to 15 grams per deciliter is considered ideal.

 Why the test is taken or advised

In many of the cases, concerned people draw a regular health check-up and hemoglobin is a common inclusion in that. On top of that, the hemoglobin count is also a part of CBC test or complete blood count test and is generally obtained in hematology reports. A variety of disorders are associated with hemoglobin reports or tests. The overall health condition is also measured by the appropriateness of the ratio and quantity of hemoglobin.

 Reasons and Problems associated with lower hemoglobin level

The lower levels of hemoglobin is called anemia. It can cause due to several disorders or deficiencies. If someone has this problem, there are certain things to worry about. The reasons are Vitamin B-12 deficiency, iron deficiency, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, liver disease, thalassemia, bleeding, folate deficiency, etc.

 Reasons and problems associated with lower hemoglobin level

Similarly, higher hemoglobin can be caused by some definite reasons or certain things to care about or worry about. The problems to be considered are dehydration, lung disease, burns, polycythemia vera, burns, vomiting, extreme physical exercise, heavy smoking, etc.

 Hemoglobin test price in Bangladesh

The price of a hemoglobin test has been set at 350 taka by the government. Though in many of the private hospitals, the charge can be up to 400 taka. Though you can avail yourself of the test for a minimal price of 300 taka if you are testing it from an urban diagnostic center or if you can find a discount on this test.

 The test

The nature of the test is quite simple. A phlebotomy expert is supposed to draw blood from the veins of an arm. The test report is made from the blood sample. There is no such pain involved in this test instead of a prickling sensation or pain.

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