Hi-Care General Hospital Ltd Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

As a human being we have some fundamental rights and without these rights our life is just like the beasts. These fundamental rights are very important for all the individuals. These rights help us to grow as a human being and as a citizen. Without the proper fulfilment of these rights no individual can grow as a proper human being. The countries we call more civilised and more developed are basically the countries which can provide the citizens with their rights. The country which has the most fundamental rights providing percentage is the most advanced country.

Medical care is one of those fundamental rights which help the people to lead a much happier and safe life. We all want a life which is full of happiness and joy. We also want our body to be fit and healthy all the time. Because, we can not do a single thing perfectly when we are ill. Without the physical fitness we cannot achieve the goals we want to achieve.

If we look at our history closely, we will see that, in the past a lot of people died from diseases and most of these deaths were at a very early age. Even in the past when some kind of pandemic occurred, we saw that a huge amount of the population died just because back then our medical science was not that good.

But with the passage of time, we have achieved a lot of things and we have conquered the world. These days, our modern medical science have reached new limits and the doctors these days can treat a lot of diseases which we considered impossible to treat in the past.

The medical care system of the whole world has been enhanced in the last 25 years or so. These days we have super-facilitated hospitals all around the globe. Besides, scientists and doctors have invented many new things such as vaccines, new medical machinery and many other things. The medical sector of Bangladesh has also changed in the last few years.

There was a time when the people of Bangladesh used to travel abroad to seek medical advice as there were no reputed private hospitals in Bangladesh. One or two private hospitals back then were famous but those hospitals also had some lacking. But the medical scenario of Bangladesh started to change from the early 90’s as many new world class hospitals started to emerge in the medical scenario of Bangladesh.

But soon the people who are related to the medical sector realized that Bangladesh also needs a number of good mid-range private hospitals as the high-end hospitals were very much expensive.

The Hi-Care General Hospital Ltd is one of the hospitals which have emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh in the last few years. This hospital is comparatively a new hospital but the popularity of this hospital is sky high. This hospital is situated at Uttara, Dhaka. All kinds of modern medical technology and modern medical services are available here.

This hospital has its intensive care units and a well decorated emergency unit. This emergency unit has the ability to treat around 80 patients at any given moment. The total bed count of the hospital is around 250. Besides, this hospital has a 24/7 ambulance service and a modern diagnostics center. Diagnostic centers are very much vital for a hospital these days, especially a hospital which wants to maintain an international standard. The operation theaters of this hospital are also up-to-date.

All the modern medical machinery are worthless if a hospital does not have good doctors and for that reason, the Hi-Care General Hospital has hired the best doctors in the hospital. There are a number of departments available in this hospital and all the departments have well experienced doctors and surgeons. To know more about these doctors, you need to go to the website of the hospital. This hospital also has a hotline number and the number is: +88-02-55094231-5.

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