Ibn Sina Diagnostic and Consultation Center, Mirpur Doctor List and Contact Number

The name Ibn Sina Trust is a very prominent name in the field of medical care in Bangladesh. Ibn Sina Trust started its journey back in the 1980s and since then this non-profit organization has established a number of hospitals, diagnostics centers and consultation centers in many parts of the country.

The main branch of the Ibn Sina Hospital is situated at Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh. But in Dhaka in many other areas the service of this famous hospital is available through the hospital’s diagnostics and consultation center. The Ibn Sina Trust was created with a view to serve humanity and so far, they have kept their promise.

Ibn Sina Trust and the hospitals of this trust are one of the oldest in the country. But with the passage of time, it has adapted with new technology and new ways of treating people and became one of the few medical care institutes of the country which can deliver world-class medical care at a very low cost.

The main reason for Ibn Sina Hospital being famous is it has treated a huge number of people successfully over the course of time and the cost of treatment is very much low here. The Mirpur branch of this hospital which is the Ibn Sina Diagnostics and Consultation center is also like the rest of the branches. In this branch people can get a very good treatment at a very low cost and all kinds of modern medical technology is available here.

Though the name of this institute is Ibn Sina Diagnostics and Consultation Center, all kinds of services a patient gets from a hospital is available here. The only downside is, here you can not admit a huge number of patients here as it is more like a clinic than a hospital. But the doctors and the other staff who work here are also the best as the main branch.

Ibn Sina Diagnostics and Consultation Center Mirpur branch has its own ambulance service and this service is available 24/7. This diagnostics center is equipped with all the modern medical machinery we can find out there. All kinds of diagnostics tests are available here. The technicians who work here are very much experienced and the test results are very much accurate here. If we compare the price of the tests here then we will see that the price is very much affordable.

The consultation center of this medical institute is also very good. The doctors and consultants who work here are also very much experienced and these doctors are one of the finest in the country. These doctors have a very decent academic background and a very huge amount of experience in the field of medical science.

Some of the doctors of this institute also have foreign medical degrees. If you are interested in seeing the doctors of this clinic then you should visit the website of the Ibn Sina Trust and there you can find all the details about the clinic and the doctors who work here.

Besides, this clinic offers different kinds of health checkup packages and these packages help the patients to save a lot of time and money. Health checkup packages are very popular among the people of Bangladesh and they want all the best hospitals to offer these packages. These packages are one of the reasons which have created an enormous amount of popularity for this institute.

But we all know that there are other people who work in a hospital beside the doctors like the nurses and the other medical staff. Without these people it is very much impossible for the doctors to take care of all the patients at the same time. The nurses and the other medical staff of this clinic are very much experienced and educated.

Having an emergency contact number is a must have thing for most of the hospitals these days. The patients also demand that the hospitals should have an emergency contact number and the contact number of this clinic is: +880-1847-262996.

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