Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Test Price List 2023

Ibn Sina Diagnostic center is a trusted name in Bangladesh for healthcare facilities. You can afford high-quality tests from this organization at a cheap rate. While many of the diagnostic centers ask for a higher rate, Ibn Sina provides a straight 25% of discount on all of their tests. You can definitely consider a lower rate for the test prices for all the test individually.

If you reach the diagnostic center, you can have access to their brochure and their price list. You can assess the price of Ibn Sina trust. Moreover, if you have visited some earlier private organizations before, you can find a sheer difference within the prices. Though, the online portal of Ibn Sina discloses the package rates for their tests. These packages come together as a bundle.

If you want to take the packages, you have can avail yourself of a few tests together. These packages allow you to afford a range of tests associated with the analogous categories of problems within a very friendly convenience.

Reagents and equipments

Ibn Sina trust maintains strict regulations about the reagents that are used during the lab tests. As the quality of the test depends a lot on the quality of reagents, the corporation maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding the reagent quality. All the reagents are collected from world-class chemical facilities. In case of lab equipments and machinery, the veteran doctors of Ibn Sina remain present in person while buying them. The team of engineers and doctors travel overseas to check out the quality and effective gesture of lab equipment.


Ibn Sina maintains an air-conditioned arena where it is needed. Though the general passages are not always covered by air conditioning but the cabins, operation theaters, and labs are effectively covered by air conditioning. 

Fresh water is provided in Ibn Sina for their patients. While the complexes are equipped with sitting arrangements for the waiting patients. The hospitals are equipped with underground basements for parking facilities. Ibn Sina also has their own ambulance service at their disposal for providing current support to the patients. Patients have access to the mosque present at the diagnostic centers.

If you need to know more about the facilities or have any confusion or query about anything, you can ask the receptionist for full information. The reception areas are available at the frontal region of all the diagnostic centers and hospitals, for which you can clarify all your doubts and get detailed information about any of the aspects.

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Test Price List

Package Name Package Rate (In BDT/Taka)
Liver Check-up Package-2 (Suffering) 6900
Comprehensive Health Check-up for Female (Post-menopausal / Above 40 years) 15500
Pre-Marital Check-up Package 3800
Standard Diabetic Check-up Package 3850
Cancer Screening Package for Male 4200
Child Health Check-up (4 years to 16 years) 4500
Thyroid Check-up Package 4150
Smoker Health Check-up Package 3000
Executive Health Check-up for Male (Above 40 years) 7000
Liver Check-up Package-1 (Suspected) 3300
Cardiac Check-up Package-1 (Suspected) 4750
Primary Diabetic Check-up Package 1750
Executive Health Check-up for Female (Up to 40 years) 6500
Executive Health Check-up for Male (Up to 40 years) 4650
Cardiac Check-up Package-2 (Suffering) 5400
Executive Health Check-up for Female (Post-menopausal / Above 40 years) 10500
Comprehensive Health Check-up for Male (Above 40 years) 12000
Renal/ Kidney Screening Package 3550
Cancer Screening Package for Female 6300
Basic Health Check-up for Male/Female (Adult) 4600
Pre-Employment Health Check-up Package 2100

There are more facilities associated with the organizations. You can follow our other articles of Ibn Sina for a detailed report of facilities. To provide you an overview, you can consider all the facilities available at Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center which is available at other high-end private diagnostic centers and hospitals.

If you face the need of any detailed query, please drop a comment and we would be happy to answer.

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