Ibn Sina Diagnostics & Consultation Center, Uttara Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

There are a very few names which have paved the way for modern medical science in Bangladesh and the name Ibn Sina Trust is one of them. Ibn Sina is a name of trust and respect for the people of Bangladesh as Ibn Sina Hospital is one of the very few private hospitals of Bangladesh which have started their journey a few decades back and still working very efficiently.

Ibn Sina Trust was established back in 1980s and since then this organization has increased its area of service and done a very good job so far. Ibn Sina Trust started to build a fully functional hospital is Dhanmondi, Dhaka back in 1882 and in 1886 the hospital started its journey.

With the passage of time Ibn Sina Trust expanded their operations and to meet the demand of the people it also created many new branches. These days we can see a number of branches of this hospital around Dhaka and also in the other major cities of the country. Over the years, Ibn Sina Trust have learned that these days, all kinds of hospitals and diagnostic centers need to be updated in a certain period of time as new technology and new horizons of the medical science are being explored everyday around the world.

Ibn Sina Trust updated all their services with the passage of time and have earned the reputation as one of the few hospitals of Bangladesh which can provide world-class medical care. Like the main hospital all the other branches of the hospital are also of international standards.

Ibn Sina Trust have also established a number of diagnostic and consultation center around the country too. All of these centers are magnificent. There is also a branch of these diagnostic and consultation center in Uttara. This particular consultation center of the hospital is of particular importance as most of the doctors who work here and for all kinds of modern medical machinery that is available here.

In the modern times, the importance of diagnostic tests is more than imaginable. Today, the doctors rely on the diagnostic tests for the confirmation of a disease. That’s why all the modern medical equipment is installed in the Uttara branch of the Ibn Sina Diagnostic and Consultation Center.

This is not any other diagnostics center and consultation center but it is just like a small hospital. As all kinds of modern medical facilities, you expect from a hospital these days can be found here. Emergency unit, 24/7 running ambulance service and what not. This consultation center also has an indoor space, where people can get admitted.

The indoor of the Ibn Sina Diagnostic and Consultation Center Uttara is consist of 75 beds. Though it is not a hospital nor a clinic but the indoor capacity is quite good. The diagnostic test services of this consultation center are also one of the best in the area and affordable. Most of the people who live in Bangladesh want a place where they can get good quality medical care at a very affordable cost. Because most of the people who live in Bangladesh belong to the middle class range of the society and for that reason affordability is a must have thing for a lot of hospitals.

The doctors, surgeons, nurses, technicians and all the other people who work here in this consultation center have a vast amount of experience in the field of medical care. The doctors who work here have earned their professional medical degrees from some of the reputed medical training institutes of the country. These doctors have a very good reputation in terms of treatment.

This consultation has started its journey a few years back but has gained a good amount of popularity. If you want to see a doctor from this consultation center or want to know more about the hospital then visit the website or the Facebook page of the consultation center.

If you want to contact them via phone then here is the number: +880-9610-009612. This is also the emergency contact number of the consultation center.

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