Ibn Sina Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

Ibn Sina is one of the distinct names in the healthcare sector in Bangladesh. It has a huge set of range in terms of providing health services throughout the country. Though, the Dhanmondi branch of Ibn Sina is a prominent one. Dhanmondi is a central location of Dhaka and is acclaimed to provide service to a huge number of people as many of the residing areas are lying beside it.

Ibn Sina hospital has a large set of doctors who have left remarks on their field. Moreover, they have set standards in diagnostic procedures with a cost-effective price. Many people go to Ibn Sina to have a reduction in their test prices. Ibn Sina is also very sincere in helping people who are suffering from financial crises. Though, it is seen in only Government hospitals that the professors have the ability to reduce or rebate the test price or surgery fees. In Ibn Sina, the doctors are also liberal in terms of their test prices and in reducing healthcare costs or surgery costs.

If you want the list of the doctors, you can reach the Dhanmondi branch of Ibn Sina and have the list from there. Though the modern era of technology is a lot more advanced and you can have all your information from your house. You just need a cell phone or land phone in order to connect to the hospital or talk to an executive. You have to dial the phone number +8801823039800. Moreover, there is a customer service helpline that is there for helping people around the clock. The customer care helpline number is +8801824666536. If you do not get your connection in one of these numbers, you can dial another. Both the helpline and the hotline are dedicated to patients’ convenience.

Moreover, if you want Ibn Sina Hospital Dhanmondi doctor list on the cardiac section, you can dial the phone number +8801771241673. The Ibn Sina hospital has a dedicated section for serving cardiac patients as this is one of the most concerning and delicate diseases.

It is also apprehension of Bangladeshi people to think about the privacy of women. There are many women who are suffering from the female disease. In such cases specialist female Guiney doctors are present. They take care of female diseases of women with great care. Also, there needs a lot of tests that are concerned with female issues. To solve the problem, female nurses are there in the Ibn Sina Dhanmondi Hospital.

Along with this, pregnant women need a lot of support while giving birth to a child. The seclusion from male patients and privacy is also a concern in this case. There are separate partitions for providing privacy to pregnant mothers or expecting mothers. Many Bangladeshi citizens are worried about the issue of their esteem and their worries are solved at ease due to a positive amount of appointments of female professionals. The hospital has quality female doctors and nurses who are properly skilled in their sector and helps a lot in regard.

When you enter the premises, you should see the receptionist first. The receptionist would guide you according to your need. You can also get the doctor list of Ibn Sina Dhanmondi Hospital from there. Also, the executive of the reception area would guide you through the path that you need to go in order to see the doctor.

Furthermore, with the advancement in technology, you can use the internet to save time. You have to go to the official website of Ibn Sina and have to choose the Dhanmondi branch from there. You can also book your appointment with the doctor on the internet or definitely can know the schedule. Due to being a central location, Dhanmondi has eased the access of many visiting patients also.

When you visit the doctor, you would be asked to take some medicine or the doctor would guide you through some tests. You can avail yourself of the test from the hospital also. The hospital has diagnostic labs and you can take your test from there.

Yes, you definitely need to complete some paperwork in order to complete your test. It helps you further in your treatment. Simultaneously, the doctor and lab assistants need the paperwork to arrange your files. After your paperwork is done, you would be asked to provide a sample or perform a screening as per the nature of the diagnosis. After your sampling or screening is complete, you can either wait in the waiting room or you can go home if the reporting procedure needs some time to deliver.

It is possible nowadays to obtain your test report online. You do not have to do a lot for this. You just need an internet connection and a cell phone or pc device. When your report delivery time is up, you can log into the official website portal of Ibn Sina and can acquire your report from there. You need to log in with your credentials for your report. Because, without your name, identity, and login information, it is not possible to deliver your report to you.

These online reports are totally credible and your doctor can prescribe your necessary medicine from these online reports. Nevertheless, some tests like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs need the original report. You have to collect those in person if you are expecting better treatment. Nevertheless, you have to reach the doctor again after having your test report. Your doctor can prescribe you medicine according to your test report or also can suggest you some other tests if necessary.

It is recommended, you follow all the precautionary steps before your test advised by the doctor. After all your treatment is done, follow the medicine and diet plan for the betterment of your health and physical condition. Indeed, you need to have a follow-up after the said time by the doctor. A follow-up is good for your health check and upcoming measurements in your best interest of health. Please take precaution about your finances or virtual finance before reaching a treatment facility.

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