Ibn Sina Hospital Doyagonj Doctor List 2023

Ibn Sina is one of the leading healthcare brands or services in Bangladesh which is formally known as Ibn Sina Trust. The organization is a chain of diagnostic centres and hospitals. With the main branch in Dhanmondi, it also has a prime location in Doyagonj, Dhaka. The address of the hospital premises is 28, Doyagonj (Hut Lane), Gandaria, Dhaka- 1204. The old Dhaka is a crowded residential area and it is tough to get a hold of smooth transportation around. This branch of Ibn Sina in Doyagonj is a lifesaver for many and a trusted healthcare destination for the people around and from the country.

If you want to know the list of the doctors, you can call on their landline or their cell phone. The landline number of the hospital is +8802-47118925, +8802-47118927, and +8802-47118928. If you face any emergency, you can dial their hotline number which is a single-step solution and you would get the highest priority for your problem-solving. The hotline number of the hospital is 10615 and 096100009615.

Ibn Sina is trusted for its low cost in diagnostics and you can get premium quality services all around. The hospital maintains the highest quality in regard to hygiene and cleanliness. The hospital maintains the proper privacy of individuals in terms of intricate diseases. Nonetheless, you would get the highest attention from the doctors and the nurses 24 hours.

Health Concern (Dyslexia)

Dyslexia is not a common disease like fever but few children and individuals are victims of this disease. This is a complex disease which refers to having trouble identifying letters, words, and sounds that they take in. It is a disability of reading and their word processing ability is very low and face trouble defining the letters that they see on paper or screen.


The disease does not have any external influences or does not occur due to any microorganism. It is completely a genetic disorder which children acquire from their parents or their ancestors. In addition, the upcoming generation might also be the victim of it.


The disease can not be identified until the children get admitted into any school or face any kind of formal form of learning. Those who have dyslexia generally learn to speak later than the usual children. When they appear at school, they have problems recognizing the letters and words. Most certainly, they create a mixup of words and letters with one another. The also suffer in processing and understanding the meaning of sentences while many miscalculating the numbers.

The individuals also become slow in writing and face huge difficulty learning a new language other than the native one. In short, they fall back along their academics and it seems an onerous task for almost all of them.


There is no prompt treatment or medication for this disease. It does not hamper their physique as well but they only fall behind in academic learning. When the disease is recognized, they should be admitted to special schools or learning centres. Usually, it is best to take a newer approach towards teaching them and educating them through processes like mnemonics or strings or comprehensiveness. The most significant aspect is to find out their interest and expedite them along that specific way of expertise for their career.

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