Ibn Sina Hospital Kallyanpur Doctor List 2023

Kallyanpur is one of the most populated places in Dhaka and a vast reception point for the people of the North. The hope of establishing the medical college hospital started in the year 1995 by the board members of Ibn Sina. Though, it took a toll in terms of time to bring it into reality. Finally, the hospital started in the year 2008. It is a 250-bed hospital which is a big number in respect of serving people with medical care.

The Ibn Sina Hospital of Kallyanpur is not just only a normal hospital but also has a medical college associated with it. It means you can have a huge number of quality attendees from medical colleges who have just completed their MBBS degree. The hospital authority has also been on the construction work of another 500-bed hospital which is supposed to be 16 storied high. On top of it, Ibn Sina is one of the cheapest hospitals in Dhaka city, so you can choose this as your treatment destination with ease.

If you want to know the doctor list of Ibn Sina Kallyanpur Hospital, you can simply dial their hotline number and can talk with an executive of the hospital. They can promptly provide you with the list. Moreover, there is another secondary hotline number; the secondary hotline number is 09610010615, if you need to add the country code, just affix +88 before the phone number. You are good to contact from either your cell phone or landline for calling on those numbers. If you think of asking something from the hospital authority or any executive, you can also send them an email. Their email address is <<info@ibnsinatrust.com>>

You can also get high-quality treatment from Government hospitals also. But if you do not like the accommodation quality, you can opt-in to this hospital. Also, if you are residing in the area, you can choose the Ibn Sina Kallyanpur Hospital for high-class treatment. It is a great approach of the Bangladesh Government to dispatch quality healthcare facilities to the marginalized people of Bangladesh almost at free of cost.

It should be a prior concern of a citizen regardless of their age to know about immunity and healthcare. Immunity is the defense mechanism of the human body to keep the body free from diseases. Whenever, the body experiences some kind of foreign microorganism or particle (either virus, bacteria, or fungus), the immune system gets activated. White blood cell is the main functional piece of the immune system. The white blood cells encircle the external organism and make it inactive through the phagocytosis procedure. Phagocytosis is the system of absorbing foreign molecules within the white blood cell.

If you want to increase your immunity, you have to fill up your micronutrient need on a daily basis. Vitamins and Minerals are the most important part of your micronutrient. There are six types of vitamins that you can get from fruits, vegetables, and other daily diets of yours. Along with these, you have to take enough amount of vegetables to fill up your mineral quota. The vitamin and minerals are not exactly like saturated fat, which sums up in your body and stays for a long term. Rather, you have to take the Vitamins and Minerals regularly to keep your body fit while maintaining your immunity at the peak.

As long as you can keep your immunity strong, you are less prone to viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases. In addition, you have to maintain your hygiene to keep your body free from parasites and external infections. To keep your body in its best form, you should prepare a balanced diet plan. The diet plan should be made to keep the right nutrition balance as well. Only a certified nutritionist or a specialist doctor can make it. You should go to your nearest Government hospital or Community clinic for having a custom diet plan.

It is not mandatory that, a balanced diet/nutrition plan is much more costly; rather you can also create one according to your financial condition. Many nutritious foods are available in the market at a cheaper price. If someone only falls for pricy food, he/she could be mistaken. Rather, a nutrition specialist can let you know about quality foods at an affordable price.

You should follow the diet chart and also can have a slight moderation or tweak at times. Balanced nutrition planning is much more important for adolescents, children, and pregnant mothers. As their bodies are more sophisticated than a healthy person, a little mismanagement in nutrition can harm the overall balance and disease resistance/immunity.

Even after all these efforts, if you become attacked by some disease you should see the doctor within quick succession. You can either try your local doctor or a Government hospital or a private hospital. If you have a serious condition, you can also call an ambulance. You have to dial the hotline number of the hospital or call the ambulance service for a quick ambulance amenity at your doorstep.

The doctors are supposed to perceive the nature of your disease condition through some diagnostic measures and finally treat you with some medicines or surgery. Surgery is the tertiary stage of treatment. Though, many of your diseases are curable by medications. There is a distinct precaution about your medicine and it is much more significant for you to follow.

If you are prescribed an antibiotic medicine, you should consider maintaining the chronic time difference between two doses. If you are unable to maintain the time, that genre of antibiotic is not going to work in your body from then and next onward. So keeping up consistency between two doses is crucial in terms of antibiotics.

There are times when your local medicals can not treat you with their limited resources, and you need to come to Dhaka for your treatment or surgery. You definitely have the option to choose from many Government and Private hospitals in Dhaka. If you choose any private hospital, Ibn Sina Kallyanpur is a furnished and fully adept hospital at your disposal.

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