Ibn Sina Kallyanpur Doctor List 2023

Ibn Sina is a chain of healthcare facilities in Bangladesh. It is highly popular among the people of Bangladesh due to its convenient cost and commendable diagnostic charges. The first brick of Ibn Sina was laid in 1995 and since then they have not looked back. With the head office situated in Dhanmondi, the authority has many other branches throughout Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. Ibn Sina has a 250-bedded hospital in Kallyanpur as well. It is a 16 storied building and the address of the hospital is 1/1, Kallyanpur, Mirpur Road, Dhaka.

To book an appointment with the doctor or to know the doctor list of Ibn Sina Kallyanpur, you can simply dial the phone number of the hospital. The phone hotline number of the hospital is 10615. The other hotline number of the hospital is 09610010615. You might need to add the country code (+88) before dialing the secondary phone number of the hospital. For more information, you can email them as well and you can also ask for a written doctor list via email. Their email address is <<info@ibnsinatrust.com>>.

The most advantageous aspect of Ibn Sina is that you can get a straight 25% of rebate or discount from the diagnostic tests which you conduct at the hospital’s own diagnostic center. Along with this, the hospital is highly maintained in all sectors. The prices of the test, amenities, and fees are also very reasonable and convenient. However, these are not only the cause behind attracting a lot of customers but rather the high quality of doctors are massively contributing to the cause.

Health Concern (Anemia)

Anemia is a blood-related disorder in which red blood cells of the blood lack in number. Red blood cells are responsible for the transportation of oxygen throughout the body and a deficiency of it interrupts the oxygen availability within the body.


The first and foremost symptom of anemia is extreme weakness and fatigue in the body. The oxygen deficiency also results in shortness of breath, dizziness, and irregular heartbeats. A few secondary symptoms of anemia include headache, cold hands, pale skin, chest pain, etc.


Anemia occurs when your bone marrow does not produce enough RBC or red blood cells. Also, an autoimmune disorder might destroy your RBC as well which can cause anemia. This disease can develop due to a congenital reason as well. Nevertheless, if someone goes through bleeding somehow, might add up to causing the disease.


The primary element of RBC is Iron. So, an individual need to make sure of proper consumption of iron-rich foods. Also, the lack of folic acid or folate can contribute to anemia because a lack of folate can produce extremely large red blood cells which are unable to transport oxygen to different parts of the body. On top of these, anemia patients should ensure a good level of vitamin C intake as it improves iron absorption or assimilation within the body.


Severe anemia might need an artificial oxygen supply. However, normal anemia could be improved by iron supplements, folic acid or folate, or vitamin B12 or vitamin B9 supplements as well. It might also occur from a bone marrow disease that needs a doctor’s medication or chemotherapy, or transplantation of bone marrow.

N.B. Any medication without a doctor’s prescription is strictly prohibited.

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