Ibn Sina Malibagh Doctor List 2023

Another proud establishment of Ibn Sina is the Ibn Sina Malibagh branch. The location is as busy as commercial it is which demands a surge of medical emergencies and attention. Ibn Sina’s Malibagh branch is supporting patients with great health care and treatments against the odds and diseases. The postal or formal address of Ibn Sina Malibagh is House No- 479, DIT Road, Malibagh, Dhaka.

The doctor of the branch are highly qualified and experienced in their area of expertise and you can expect a great deal of care from the specialized individuals. To obtain the list of doctors, you can place a call on their hotline number or phone number. The Hotline number serves you for almost each of the medical purposes and facilities. Hotline number of Ibn Sina Malibagh is 10615. If you want to call on the cell phone, that is available as well. The cell phone number of the hospital is +8809610010615.

Along with the hospital care, you also have a high-quality diagnostic service at your disposal from Ibn Sina Diagnostic Centers. You can get a flat 25% rebate or reduction from the diagnostic. The hospital is also well-rounded with all its services. From the caring nurses to the highest administrative authority, all are on their toes providing you highest quality services. The treatment pattern, recovery status, and ailment-assuaging properties are highly expected by the clients and previously cured patients.

On top of all these, you would be able to get proper privacy of the women and male intricate diseases. The hospital has appointed the necessary amount of male and female attendants to satisfy privacy concerns. The whole medical facility is centrally heated and there is a proper concern for hygiene in each individual area.

Now it’s time to promote health concerns as always. The topic is skin diseases. Skin diseases are rarely derived from genetic issues but rather from hygiene or cleanliness issues. If someone wants to know about the absolute prevention of the disease, it is cleanliness along with moisturizing.

You have to wash your skin or peripheral surfaces on a regular basis. The normal pH level of the skin is around 5. So it is slightly acidic in nature. So, after you wash your skin with soap or shower gel, the skin’s pH becomes neutral or slightly alkaline. To reinstate the skin’s pH, you have to apply a little bit plant base oil or moisturizer. Moreover, most of the chemical washes are alkaline which can damage your skin and create rashes. Moisturizing is necessary in such cases.

Besides, the skin pH is not the same in all places. Some intricate regions like the underarms and the pubic regions are highly acidic. So, only a rough wash can really hamper the skin condition of those areas. You have to apply acidic moisturizer or acidic lotion for those couple of areas.

Your scalp is also a part of your skin or epidermal layer. Just shampooing is not enough for your hair or scalp until you moisturize it. If you just shampoo or wash your hair without a later application of moisturizer or oil, you would get a dry scalp which may end up with a heavy hair fall.

Albeit, skin diseases are not that harmful as it is caused by parasites and bacteria or fungi. You can easily treat them away. Though a few pelvic skin diseases can be persisting. A good hygienic norm and safe intercourse can keep you away from the disease.

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