Ibn Sina Savar Doctor List 2023

Ibn Sina is a trusted name in the healthcare sector of Bangladesh. Ibn Sina is a privately funded hospital. The organization has gained trust among the people of the nation due to their great service, convenient cost, and high-quality treatment. These all have been possible due to an array of efficient doctors and distinguished management teams of the corporation. Ibn Sina has overall 16 premises throughout the country and Ibn Sina Savar is one of them. The address of the institute is, House# B, 31/6 Jaleshwar, Aricha Road, Savar, Dhaka.

The doctor list of Ibn Sina Savar is getable easily through a phone call to their official phone number. The landline number of the hospital is +8802-224445255-9 which is available from 7 am to 11 pm and the cell phone number is 01844141715. Additionally, if you want to provide samples or specimens for any test from your house, you can call their sample collection number 01729591481. Above all, their central hotline number 10615 is always open for any of your causes and calling them can literally solve all of your problems.

The hospital is equipped with a diagnostic centre for modern diagnosis and they provide a straight massive discount of 25% on their diagnostic prices. In addition, the privacy of male and female are maintained regarding intricate diseases. There has been a prominent number of female doctors, nurses, and lab attendants to facilitate the privacy issue which is and will be an eminent concern in Bangladesh.

The recent genre is a digital and virtual era of advancement. You can obtain a lot of facilities from your home. While Dhaka is a populated city and transport is tough and time-consuming in many cases, you can book an appointment with doctors from your home by calling their phone number. Moreover, you can go to the official website of Ibn Sina and there you can get your test report for further usage. You just have to insert your registration ID, your phone number or credentials for logging into their online portal. Upon being logged into the portal, you can obtain your report which you can use in advance or print in from anywhere else.

The OPD of the hospital is open all around the clock. This is for emergency purposes and to register the patients. You do have the nurses and duty doctors available 24 hours at your disposal. The hospital is clean and maintains hygiene all around the corners. Along with all these, you can conduct surgery from the hospital from advanced operation theatres. For complex situations, the hospital has ICU to disseminate special care to the patients.

Health Concern:

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