Ibn Sina Uttara Hospital Doctor List

Bangladesh has improved a lot in the medical sector in the past few decades and Dhaka has been on top of the list of providing healthcare services. It has been a lot more convenient for people to have all the facilities in one place and in one city.

The head office of Ibn Sina is situated in Dhanmondi but there are numerous more locations for the complex. The Uttara branch of Ibn Sina is also fully facilitated and consisted of a list of expert doctors. This article is about the facilities of Ibn Sina along with the way from which you can get the doctor’s list of the Uttara Branch. The Ibn Sina complex has gained a lot of trust among people because of its high-class services and wide nature of care. Moreover, it compensates on most of the tests by 25% or more. It is a business strategy as well as an intent to help people.

Many of the urban citizens of Bangladesh can not get all the treatments for complex diseases. With no way around it, they have to travel to the capital of the country expecting better care. While many consider their places at high-quality Government hospitals in Bangladesh, many do not get beds at hospitals and consider private hospitals for their treatment and stay.

Those who are from middle-class family, they neither can afford their place in classy hospitals like United or Labaid, they can somehow manage their place at Ibn Sina. This organization provides quality diagnosis, healthcare, observation, and medical facilities. For your basic information, you can attain the facility in person and get your mandatory information from the reception area on the front side. Moreover, you would get a friendly staff who are appreciable due to their hospitality.

Upon receiving information, you have to find a suitable doctor for yourself and make an appointment. When you see the doctor, the doctor would prescribe you according to the nature of the problem or permit you some tests. In most of the cases, the doctors prescribe some diagnosis tests first and then take the decision. The doctor can either suggest you some medicines and guidelines or advise you to get admitted to the hospital. You can get arrange a cabin or a bed in most of the private hospitals including Ibn Sina.

If you need the doctor list, you can directly call their land phone number or emergency phone number from your mobile phone. The phone number of Ibn Sina’s Uttara Branch is +88 09610 009612. The branch is situated at Garib-e-Newaz Avenue, Uttara. Uttara is a little bit on the outer side of Dhaka and a little less crowdy place. You can save some money by continuing your treatment in this area.

You have the option to get a lot of facilities from the institute. You would get some parking space and a wide reception area. While seeing a doctor, you can sit in a large waiting room and spacious passage for your movement. The following fact is passively related to the topic and it is about your health. It is a proverb and is proven truth that “Prevention is better than cure”. So, if you take good care of your health with a healthy diet, healthy living, and balanced exercise, you would be able to get a body with more immunity.

Our nation is inclined to take a lot of carbohydrate meals and does not think about other nutritious foods or facts. Each individual should see a doctor or a nutritionist from the nearest Government hospital in order to get a customized diet chart according to his financial condition. It does not take a lot of money to eat healthy food but the individual has to know which food contains which Vitamins or minerals or nutrition. A small step like this can save you a lot of medicine and healthcare cost. Overall, an honest lifestyle can keep you away from a lot of mental tension and psychological tension. For this reason, we should learn to take care of ourselves and our family members first and then see the doctor if any problem comes upon.

Now let’s talk about the doctors again, all the private hospitals have qualified and certified doctors. Ibn Sina also has a list of specialists for medical treatment and surgery. Complex surgeries are also performed here by a set of professional and expert doctors. If you need to take any surgery, it is better to choose a doctor who has the most experience. Because a skilled set of hands are required to perform surgery and the doctor needs additional degrees to be in this practice.

In Dhaka it costs a lot to get fresh drinking water and even if you get a source of water, the credibility is low. To solve this, Ibn Sina provides fresh drinking water which goes through the osmosis procedure to maintain purity and the presence of compulsory minerals.

There are nurses for constant monitoring of patients and also the doctors keep a close eye on the health condition of the patients. You do not need to worry about cleanliness and hygiene as Ibn Sina maintains a good quality of disinfection all around. Though, you can expect this in most of the private hospitals whereas the Government hospitals are a little bit lagging behind in this area.

Above all our school teachers and honorary persons should guide the nation and the upcoming generation to take care of their health while making the learn about nutrition facts. If the children, young, and grown-up people take care of their health accordingly, we would get a lot more healthy nation.

You can also visit the official website of Ibn Sina to know about the doctor list and also can take the doctor list from the hospital. Please read the brochure about the doctors, treatments, and prices before taking any decision about your treatment. You can also consult with your local doctor also before going to high-end private hospitals. If you have anything to know about, please drop a comment and it would be a pleasure helping you.

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