Ibrahim General Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Whenever we talk about the medical care system of a country, most of the time we only talk about the most advanced and hospitals of that region. But the necessity of the hospitals which are mid-level also has a huge impact in any society without any doubt. In a country like Bangladesh where most of the people live under the poverty line, the necessity and the demand of the mid-range hospitals are increasing day by day.

The impact of the mid-range hospitals in Bangladesh is beyond imaginable. As the days are passing by, the health-related complications are increasing on a huge scale and not all the patients of Bangladesh have the ability to get admitted in high-end hospitals and for that reason the mid-range hospitals are gaining popularity in our country very rapidly.

Ibrahim General Hospital Dhanmondi

The Ibrahim General Hospital is one of the most popular mid-rang hospitals in Bangladesh. The Hospital is located in Dhanmondi one of the epicenters of the capital city of Bangladesh. It is true that the Ibrahim General Hospital is a mid-range hospital but do not make the mistake of thinking that the medical treatment of this hospital is not up to the mark.

Despite being a mid-range hospital, the treatment of this particular hospital is very good compared to the other mid-range hospitals. The Ibrahim General Hospital got a huge number of popularities in the last few years because of its affordable cost. This hospital is one of the few hospitals in the country which can provide very good medical care at a very low cost. The location of the hospital also makes it very much attractable to the patients.

Ibrahim General Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

Do get confused with the name of the hospital. Most of the people think about BIRDEM whenever they hear about the Ibrahim General Hospital. This hospital is a private hospital situated at Dhanmondi and the BIRDEM is situated at Shahbag. Over the years this hospital has treated a lot of patients and helped a lot of patients to get rid of the diseases. This hospital has helped a lot of people to get back into normal life.

Nowadays there are a lot of hospitals available in Bangladesh in all the cities. To become one of the best in this situation is not an easy thing. To become one of the popular hospitals in Dhaka is also a very daunting task. Some of the old hospitals of the country are not as good in the present times as before. But the Ibrahim General Hospital has proven itself worthy of trust in a very short period of time.

The main reason behind the success of this hospital is, the cost of treatment in this hospital is very much affordable and the service is world-class. You can find almost all kinds of modern medical care in this hospital and it is not an easy thing to get from a hospital which belongs to the mid-range section. The hospital has a set of experienced doctors available to them. Before joining this hospital, the doctors have treated a lot of patients in the other hospitals. It is one of the top-notch hospitals in terms of doctors.

Ibrahim General Hospital Dhanmondi Contact Phone Number

All the doctors of this hospital have studied from well-known medical institutes of the country and these doctors have also acquired higher medical degrees from well-known medical universities of the world. Nowadays the patients are very much interested in knowing about the doctors beforehand.

To know about the doctors, list the patients have to visit the website of the Ibrahim General Hospital. In the website the patients can find all the necessary details about the doctors and also know about the time table when the doctors see patients. There is also an option in the website for online appointments.

Ibrahim General Hospital also has a helpline number where the patients can call for any kind of queries, for an appointment or for many other kinds of reasons. The helpline contact number of the hospital is: +880-2-9146357.

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