Islami Bank Hospital Kakrail Doctor List 2023

Bangladesh has developed a lot in the private healthcare section and this is the reason many people are not being deprived of medical treatments. Also, quality healthcare has been a reason to worry for many but private hospitals are assuaging the fatal condition. Islami bank is also a renowned private hospital in Bangladesh. The Kakrail branch of Islami Bank Hospital is a proud concern of the organization. The address of Islami Bank Hospital is House Number # 30, Anjuman-e-Mofidul Islam Road, Kakrail VIP Road, Dhaka.

The hospital was built in the year 2002. It is a huge hospital with a diagnostic center accommodated within the premises. It can allow up to a mass of 250 patients at once through their service. The hospital is simultaneously known for its reputed list of doctors and quality diagnostic services. Also, you can find all the conveniences of private hospitals from here. Also, there are different service departments for each healthcare unit and you can find specialist doctors in each area.

To get the list of the doctors, you can certainly dial their hotline number or phone number. Any executive member of the hospital would recommend you to the finest doctor at their disposal. Also, you can ask for a list of doctors according to the problem or concern that you are having. The hotline number of Islami Bank Hospital Kakrail is 01810000116. In addition, the hospital has several authorized phones and you can call there for your services. The phone numbers of the hospital are 02-222225801, 02-222225802, and 222225937-8.

To promote health area, our discussion is on cholera disease. It is a drastic diarrheal disease caused by bacteria named Vibrio cholerae. The disease results in severe loose motion, vomiting, nausea, and dehydration. This can quickly go wrong and create an electrolyte imbalance with a shock or a muscle cramp.

The disease is caused by the contamination of bacteria through water or food. It can also occur due to poor sanitation or hygienic condition. Also, if you remain close to someone who is suffering from cholera, you also might get the disease.

To treat the disease, the first step which is needed to be taken is rehydration. If the condition is worse, intravenous fluid or cholera saline could also be provided as the disease can bring down up to 10% of body weight in a fatal condition. To supplement further zinc supplement could be provided as it has been proven to diminish the trouble in the case of children.

There are also ways to be secure from the disease. The preventive measures are as follows,

  • Have to secure safe drinking water.
  • After using the restroom or washroom, the hands should be washed properly with disinfectant.
  • Cleanliness of hands should be maintained even after outdoor activities to avoid contamination of any kind.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables properly before having them.
  • Avoid foods like sushi or other fermented items.

Although, a dipstick test can easily prove the disease but you should practice having oral saline for hydration each time you experience diarrheal disease. Only sanitation and hygienic safety can save you from the disease from afar. A healthy lifestyle is always appreciated and acknowledged.

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