Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur Doctor List 2023

Islami Bank Hospital is one of the most esteemed hospitals in Bangladesh in terms of quality healthcare and reasonable pricing. The organization has 20 multi-disciplinary hospitals nationwide, and only Dhaka has five of them. The Mirpur branch of Islami Bank Hospital is one of the prominent establishments of the organization which is a 67-bedded hospital with diagnostic and other facilities equipped within the premises. The address of the hospital is Plot Number- 31, Road Number- 03, Section- 11, Mirpur, Dhaka.

To find the doctor list of Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur, you can simply call them. The hospital authority would eagerly help you solve your query. The phone numbers of the hospital are +8802-58050591-4. You can also virtually book an appointment with the doctor by calling their cell phone numbers. The authorized cell phone numbers dedicated to placing your serials are 01744610513 and 01810000118. Nonetheless, the last said number (01810000118) is the hotline number of this branch and it can take care of any of your problems immediately.

The hospital has a modern diagnostic center for disease detection and provides all services under one roof. You can diagnose or take health screening within the facility and at a convenient cost. The ambulance service of the hospital is ready to dispatch at any moment and also the OPD is ready to serve you around the clock. The hospital also has a pharmacy and other regular facilities including 24-hour nurse and doctor services.

Health Concern (Migraine)

Migraine is a severe kind of headache that can continue for hours to several days. It is a pounding headache so intense that a person’s daily activities might be on the verge of disruption.


Migraine develops slowly with some previous warning signs and ambiance followed by the actual migraine attack and post-drome condition. There are four stages of this syndrome and each takes place with different problems.

(i) Warning Signs (Prodrome)

The warning signs include constipation, stiff neck, mood swings, frequent urination or fluid retention, and cravings for food.

(ii) Ambience (Aura)

This condition is properly irreversible and once these signs appear, you should be concerned about a migraine attack within a short duration. The ambiance includes visual illusions, vision loss, problems in speech delivery, weakness on either part of the body, and a sensation like pinching on the skin.

(iii) Migraine Attack

The main migraine attack is nothing short of a torment. It delivers heavy headaches on either or both sides of the forehead. The victim becomes sensitive to sound, light, and some other sensations like touch or scent. The fatigue can last from several hours to 3 days max.

(iv) Post-drome

This is the part when you get over the pain but you feel completely drained. It can cause some aching upon having further head movement and sometimes this step relaxes the patient with soothe.


Migraine can occur due to a number of factors which can be listed as follows,

  • Stress
  • Drinking
  • Menstrual or hormonal swap in women
  • Change in weather condition
  • Allergenic food
  • Stress at work or Physical exertion
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Medications


The treatment of migraine is fully dependent on medications. Few effective medications include,

  • Ibuprofen
  • Aspirin
  • Anti-nausea medications
  • Triptans

Preventive Measures

If someone has previous experience with migraine they should take an anti-depressant, aerobics or healthy exercise, have plenty of liquids, and follow meditations.

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