Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur Doctor List and Contact Number

The name Islami Bank foundation is a very popular name among the people of Bangladesh. This Bank has a charitable organization and under the supervision of this charitable trust many private hospitals and medical colleges have been established around the country. The name of the charitable organization is ‘Sadaqah Tahbilk’.

This non-profit organization was created back on 4th of July, 1983 soon after the Islami Bank started its journey back on 30th March, 1983. The main purpose of this charitable organization was to ensure all the people of the country get good medical care. Later the name of the organization was changed to Islami Bank Foundation. The Islami Bank Foundation is a non-profit organization and a subsidiary of the Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. The authority and the administration of these two organizations are totally different.

As we have seen, the Islami Bank Foundation was created back in 1983 and soon after that, the organization planned to launch a new private hospital. In the year 1986 the Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur started its journey. As it had started its journey back in 1986 so, we can say that it is one of the oldest hospitals of the country for sure. This hospital has served a lot of patients in the last few years and the main reason behind the success of this hospital is great service at a very reasonable price.

The Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur is situated near Purabi Bus Stop, Begum Rokeya Sarani, Mirpur, Dhaka. The hospital campus is housed in a ten storied building. At the same time a total of 300 patients can be admitted into this hospital. When the hospital started its journey, back then the bed count of this hospital was around 100 but with the passage of time the hospital has increased its capacity.

But in the medical care sector the quantity is not everything. People and the patients want quality medical care services and the Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur has all the capabilities to provide world class service. This hospital is also one of the most advanced hospitals in the country. All kinds of modern medical technology and equipment is available in this hospital. This hospital owns more than ten high-end operation theaters and all the operation theaters are of international standard.

The hospital also has its own emergency unit and this is a thing which we cannot find in most of the private hospitals in Bangladesh. The emergency center of the hospital is active 24/7. A hospital which possesses a status like the Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur has to have its own ambulance service and it is true in this case. The ambulance service of this hospital is also active 24/7. Whenever you are in an emergency medical situation just call the Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur and they will take care of that situation.

But it is known to us all that, only the modern medical equipment and technology cannot define the standard of a hospital. To define the standard of a hospital, we surely need to look at the manpower of a hospital. The doctors, consultants and the other medical staff of the hospital are experienced well enough to provide world class medical care to the patients. The doctors of this hospital have completed their medical academic career from the well-known medical colleges and universities of Bangladesh.

Some of the surgeons and doctors of this hospital have also completed some foreign medical degrees. In the website of the Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur, people can find all the details about the doctors of this hospital, such as: when the doctors see a patient, what are the areas of expertise for a doctor and many other things which are essential to the patients are provided in the website of the hospital.

Emergency contact numbers or helpline contact numbers are very important for the hospitals these days. The patients feel very reliable when they have these numbers in their palm. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-1810-000118.

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