Islami Bank Hospital Rajshahi Doctor List 2023

Islami Bank Hospital is one of the most prestigious hospitals in Rajshahi. Due to being a divisional city, it requires quality medical care and Islami Bank Hospital is providing high-quality medical treatment in all the healthcare sectors. Along with the healthcare services, the hospital has a proper diagnostic center for facilitating all the conveniences under one roof. The hospital is located at Laxmipur and is a landmark place at that location.

The doctor list of Islami Bank Hospital is just a phone call away. There are three hotline numbers at the hospital and dialing any one of them can satisfy your query. The hotline numbers of the hospital are 01777242536, 01711340582, and 01810000119.

The hospital also has another branch in Rajshahi which is Islami Bank Medical College Hospital and is situated at Naodapara, Rajshahi. You can also get quality healthcare treatment from there and a scrupulous team of medical attendees. Moreover, you can get a hygienic environment all around.


Health Concern (Neural Efficiency)

The efficacy of our body is not determined by performing a single task rather it is the ability to perform upon our skillset repetitively. To accomplish a task with perfection needs practice, which is a neural efficiency built by a repetition of a single action with an intention of improvement.

Our brain consists of two kinds of neural tissues. Those are called “Grey Matter” and “White Matter”. The grey matter does the information processing within the brain and directs sensory stimuli and electric signals to the nerve cells. The white matter is made of nerve fibers and fatty tissues. The processed information moves from the grey matter to the nerve fibers which are known as axons. The axons are located in muscle tissues and play a pivotal role in the movement of our limbs and muscles.

Generally, the axons are covered by fatty tissues known as myelin or sheath. This myelin covering helps the insulation process of the nerve tissues and expedites a smooth electric flow of the signal. Although, the myelin covering is not homogenous along all the nerve regions. But when someone practices a task over and over again, it strengthens and increases the myelin coverings of that region.

Performing a certain task requires a similar organ to perform repeatedly and it needs the circulation of electron signals along a certain pathway. By doing it constantly, the myelin of that specific pathway increases in quantity and ensures a smooth electric passage without any loss of electric signals. This process results in a better performance of those targeted muscles and makes someone able to perform better.

This process is called myelination and is a much popular term for athletes. As athletes need to master a skill, they need constant practice with a will to perform better. The myelination needs a differential period of time in accordance with the skillset. To specify correctly, myelination around the shank region needs more time than hands or palms. Albeit, constant practice with a specific mindset of improvement and development can improve the neural behavior of the body which results in an amplified performance over time.

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