IVU Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

IVU test is basically perceived as an Intravenous urogram. There is a parallel kind of test and most similar in action is called intravenous pyelogram. The IVU test is taken into account while the patient needs to be scrutinized around the urinary system or any closely associated part.

IVU is performed to observe whether any cancerous cells are present within the urinary system. If there is such a presence is there, the test result would show some blockage within the tracts or an irregular outline on the bladder wall or uterus wall.

IVU test price in Bangladesh

The cost of the IVU test is 2,500 taka in Bangladesh. It can fluctuate a bit if you choose some high-class private hospitals.

How the test is conducted

To conduct the test, one has to sign a consent form from the hospital or diagnostic center as it is a complex test. After the paperwork is done, the patient is taken to the radiology lab. The patient would be asked to clean the bladder or have a pee before taking the test. A canola is inserted into the patient’s wrist veins. A special dye is inserted through the canola.

This dye is transfused inside the patient’s body. At the same time, an endoscopy is taken into different parts of the body as it diffuses into the body. When the dye reaches the targeted organ like the urethra or bladder or uterus, an x-ray is taken. This x-ray shows the result of the current condition inside and any irregularity could be detected through this x-ray. The test needs one hour to complete and a modern generation test in nature.

Radiation effects

The starting part of the test is invasive and no radiation is involved there. Though through the later part, the patient has to be exposed to some amount of radiation and it is scanty in quantity.

Medium of contrast

If the intervention of the needle is not right, the contrast medium (dye in this case) would leak outside of the desired region. The patient would feel pain and swelling from such discrepancy. If someone feels pain or inflammation in some part of the body after taking this test, has to report to the doctor or the radiologist immediately.

Time required for reporting

It takes some time before having the report. On average, the report is prepared from one to two weeks. You have to collect the details of the reporting authority to take updates on the reporting progress. If you do not hear from the diagnostic center or hospital, you can ask them after two weeks have passed. Though, the test reports are provided online nowadays.

Precaution before the test

You would be advised if there is a need to stop medication or diet before the test for told hours. If you are pregnant, you need to tell the radiologist about your condition and special measures would be taken. Moreover, if some patient has diabetes, the test is conducted with some extra precautions.

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