Jahan Ara Clinic Ltd Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

We all know the proverb, “Health is wealth”. We most of the time take our health for granted and we do not pay enough attention to our health or to the issues which are related to our health. But when we are ill, we can feel the importance of sound health. In the last few years, a lot of international and national organizations have declared that medical care is one of the basic needs of a human being.

We can also say that medical care is a right and this right belongs to the fundamental rights of a human being. Fundamental rights are a bunch of rights which are very much necessary for all human beings. These rights help a man to survive in the world. Not only these rights help us to get a proper life but without these rights we are no better than the beasts.

Medical care is a very important aspect of a human being’s life. Without proper treatment we cannot survive in the world for long. If we look back at the past of human beings, we will see that most of the people around the world did not have access to good medical care and that’s why a lot of people have died in the past by suffering from illnesses which are not deadly at all these days.

But these diseases used to be fatal in the past. These days the doctors can treat a huge number of diseases except a few. These days the medical care system of the whole world is at its peak. Not only the medical care system but all the things related to the medical care world have developed in the past. Like the medication and the vaccines, we use today better than we used to use before.

These days most countries around the world have access to good medical care due to the great development in the medical sector. Bangladesh has also developed its medical care system. The medical care system of Bangladesh was not always on the top. In fact, in the past most of the hospitals of Bangladesh did not have the modern facilities.

But with the passage of time most of the people of Bangladesh have learned the importance of medical care and that’s why a number of good hospitals have emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh. These days we can find all kinds of hospitals in Bangladesh. International class, mid-range hospitals you name it, all these hospitals are available here in Bangladesh. In the last few years, the medical care system of Bangladesh has gone through a huge change.

If we look back at our history, we will see that a large proportion of the patients who had serious health issues in the past had to go abroad to seek medical assistance as there were not good enough hospitals in Bangladesh. We all know that; it is a very bothersome job to travel abroad just to seek medical assistance. But with the passage of time the medical care system of Bangladesh has developed very much and these days the patients prefer to get treated in Bangladesh as all kinds of medical care is available here.

The Jahan Ara Clinic Ltd is a private clinic of Bangladesh. This may be a clinic not a hospital but the quality of service of this clinic is similar to any good mid-range hospital. Jahan Ara Clinic is situated at Road No. 01, Sector-01, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka. 24/7 emergency medical service and 24/7 emergency ambulance service are available in this clinic. This hospital has its own diagnostics center which is up-to-date as all kinds of modern diagnostics tests are available here. The hospital is housed in a five storied building and around 150 patients can be admitted here.

The doctors, surgeons and all the other medical staff of the hospital know how to deal with the patients. If you want to know more about the doctors of the hospital then visit the website or the Facebook page of the hospital. The emergency contact number of the hospital is: +88-02-48953888.

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