Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

The name Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital is one of the most popular hospitals in Bangladesh. Most of the people of the country know about this hospital. The name Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital resonates all around the Bangladeshi medical care system for its great services. The hospital has won a lot of awards in the last few years just because of its great service in the welfare of Bangladeshi patients.

Japan is one of the closest friends of Bangladesh without any doubt. Since the independence of Bangladesh this country has helped Bangladesh in many sectors. Japan helped Bangladesh to build mega infrastructures, helped Bangladesh economically and finally helped us build an international standard hospital. This hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Bangladesh and as well as in the entire South-Asian region.

Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital Doctor List

The Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital is situated at the Satmosjid Road, Jhigatola, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. It is a super facilitated hospital with only 100 beds. The main purpose behind establishing this hospital was to ensure quality treatment over quantity and that’s why there are only 100 beds available in the hospital. The key people behind establishing this hospital were Dr. Dr. Sarder A. Nayeem and Dr. DR Jonaid Shafiq.

These two doctors wanted to establish a hospital which can deliver world class treatment to the Bangladeshi people and to establish this hospital they wanted the help of their Japanese friends who were doctors too. In the year, 1993 the hospital started its operation and since then it has served a lot of patients with success.

Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital is one of the oldest private hospitals of Bangladesh but it has always updated itself with the passage of time. Being up to date is the greatest trait in the field of medical care. Like the other sectors the medical sector is updating with the passage of time all the time and new technology of modern treatment is always coming in the field of treatment.

Many world class hospitals around the world lost in time as they cannot cope with the changes but the Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital always gave a great amount of emphasis on being up to date. Japan Bangladesh friendship hospital got a huge recognition by the people of Bangladesh because the hospital provides international standard medical services at a very affordable cost.

Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital Contact Number

Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital has all the things necessary for an international standard hospital these days. There are also a number of intensive care units available in the hospital like the ICU, ICCU, NICU and many others. Emergency departments are a crying need for a hospital like this caliber and the Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital has an international standard emergency unit which can take care of any kind of emergency situation. The hospital also has a 24/7 ambulance service.

It is known to us all that the diagnostic test results are very important in modern medical science as the doctors cannot determine a disease without the help of these tests. That’s why all the modern high-tech hospitals have their own diagnostics center. Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital has a diagnostics center and a high-tech laboratory where they do all the tests.

The doctors of this fabulous hospital are also one of the best in the country without any doubt. The doctors who work in this hospital are chosen very carefully. To become a doctor in the Japan Bangladesh Hospital is a very difficult job. A doctor needs to complete his/her academic medical career from a distinguished medical institution and also have to have a great deal of experience in the field of medical science.

To know more about the doctors of this particular hospital you can visit the website of the hospital where all the details of the doctors are provided. Besides, the schedule of the doctors and their area of expertise are also given in the website.

Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital has always thought about the patients and they know that the patients want to get connected with the hospital whenever they can. That’s why the hospital has established an emergency contact center and the number of the contact center is: +880-1711-647877.

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