Khidmah Hospital Doctor List 2023

Khidmah Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Khilgaon which is a prime location in Dhaka. The first brick of the hospital was laid during the year 2003. Since then they have been serving in the medical sector with a great reputation and well-rounded service. The address of the hospital is 287/2-3, Khilgaon Bishwa Road, Dhaka.

The hospital is not only providing healthcare services but also has a full-fledged diagnostic center to help with proper diagnosis and accelerate medical treatment. The diagnostic center and the hospital are open around the clock.

If you want to know about the doctor list of Khidmh hospital, you can simply dial their phone number which is 09606063030. You can dial this phone number from either your land phone or your cell phone as well. You can dial this number at any time and can pick up the doctor’s list along with any other information that you can ask for. Also, you can let them know the nature of the problem for having quick support.

If you have a detailed question or query or want to provide them with some recommendations, you can send them an email. The official email address of the hospital is <<>>

On top of that, you can have an overview of the hospital by entering its website address. Webs give you a better opportunity to see through their services and provide you with worthy insights.

As accommodation is much more costly in Dhaka, the Khidmah Hospital is dedicated to serving patients with great convenience. The test prices are also well within the range of common people which makes this hospital much more popular and a common destination for a lot of people. The motto of the hospital has been to provide quality healthcare to the community at an affordable price.

You get high quality from the hospital in terms of hospitality and care. The corps are much determined to let the patients feel their cordiality, respect, and personal care. Also, the hospital authority has a special concern to maintain the privacy of women.

One of the most significant features of the hospital is that they provide a straight 30% discount on all lab tests and digital imaging processes. In addition, special discounts are provided in case of financial restrictions.

The hospital has a 24-hour open emergency unit to treat patients who are in an emergency situation or facing an accident. The OPD department is also open around the clock to accommodate listening to the problems.

It is always better to take precautionary measures regarding your healthcare prior to your susceptibility to any disease. Your health should be one of your top priorities as an individual. Health is a key factor to happiness and sustainability. Basic knowledge about your health can save you a lot of money from your future expenditure regarding disease issues.

The general need for a human body is 2000-2500 calories per day. Though, a majority of citizens of Bangladesh are deprived of the necessary calorie amount. A less amount of calorie consumption can really weaken your body and hamper your immunity.

Immunity is the fact that can fall beneath and the disease factors are directly linked with it. Calorie does weaken your body but the micronutrients play the most crucial role in strengthening your immunity.

A lot of factors are included within the micronutrients. All vitamins and minerals are part of the micronutrients. Each of the micronutrients has a specific value of requirement within the human body every day. Though, it can certainly be filled up by your food but also a number of different supplements are available in the market.

In general terms, it is not recommended to take supplements without any deficiency syndrome but there is an underlying fact present which is more than one-third of Bangladeshi people are deprived of nutrient deficiencies. That provides us a culmination point easy to understand that, more than one-third of Bangladeshi people are prone to numerous diseases at any given moment.

This is reckless behavior from the whole nation as well as the education sector to not provide enough health knowledge to the marginalized people of Bangladesh. It is a good and appreciable thing of nature that, anyone can fill up their need for nutrients even with a little amount of money. Nutritious foods are not very pricy but it needs a certain amount of knowledge to pick good foods that have nutrient values.

One can easily gain this information from a community clinic or government hospital for free. If someone sees it closely, it is observable that pregnant mothers reach community clinics and prepare a diet chart or nutrition chart for their health safety. But the practice is fully diminished after the birth of the child. In such cases, children, adolescents, and even grown-up people are enough deprived of their daily nutrition goals. Rather, it should be a regular practice among all the citizens, mostly for teenagers and grown-ups.

Along with regular food practices, an adequate amount of exercise is necessary for each person. Though, those who are working laborious jobs, are not needed to take physical exercise but have to fill up their calorie and nutrient amounts accordingly.

Also, our hospitals are filled with patients with heart diseases. This is a common problem for people who are overweight or obese. Unlike nutrition-deprived problems, these people need to reduce their calorie intake. Also, they should keep a close eye on their lipid profile in order to keep them safe from cardiac diseases.

Khidmah Hospital is offering world-class healthcare and medical support to the people and they have the highest quality doctors available at their disposal. The nurses are also qualified and experienced with a proper determination to serve with care. The hospital has a few dedicated departments like the Eye section, Dental section, Gunaecology section, Skin, Neurology, and Surgery department.

It is a complete hospital from where you can expect a wide range of services and you can avail yourself of all the requirements from the hospital premises. If you have any further queries, you can drop a comment in our comment box.

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