Khulna Medical College Hospital Doctor List 2023

Khulna is a divisional city in Bangladesh and has a proper medical college in the city. Like all other medical colleges, the Khulna Medical College also has a full-fletched hospital in its possession. This is a 250-bedded hospital and you can find proper medical facilities at a convenient price as settled by the Government. The hospital is situated in Chhoto Boyra, Khulna.

If you want convenient treatment in that region, consider having your therapy from Khulna Medical College Hospital. In order to get the doctor list, you just have to make a phone call or have to send a query by email. The phone number of the Khulna Medical College Hospital is 01711011210. You can also collect the information of doctors by reaching there in person. To assist you more, the email address of the hospital is <<>>.

Health Concern (Brain Tumor)

An unusual growth of brain cells or any unwanted mass around the brain is called a brain tumor. It can happen within the brain tissues or in a nearby area. The nearby locations include the pituitary gland, membranes, pineal gland, and connecting nerves.


Headache is the first sign of a brain tumor. The other most common signs are vomiting and nausea. The patient slowly loses a balanced movement and experiences a problem in speech. Brain infections or tumors highly comply with memory loss or a stumbled memory. As long as the problem develops further, the patient develops problems like seizures, hearing disorders, eye problems, or blurry vision. The other associated problems include vertigo, drowsiness, silly confusion, behavioral disorders, and a constant fatigued condition.


The absolute reason for a brain tumor can not be told. The cerebral cell growth has a specific pattern and the DNA of the brain tissue holds the algorithm of the development. If the specific DNA function gets interrupted for some reason, the brain cells start to grow in an abnormal pattern which results in a massive growth of unwanted cells thus causing a tumor. The tumors can also turn into brain cancer as well.

Some other forms of cancer can also spread into the brain and cause brain cancer. These include lung cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, and melanoma. Though, doctors have also found a linkage between brain tumors and heredity.


If someone faces this problem, it is certain that he/she has done nothing that has caused this disease. Also, there is no effective prevention of this disease. However, if someone has a family history of brain tumors, that individual should see a genetic counselor for screening and precautions.


There are a few recognized treatments that can improve or eliminate the problem. The first part is to take a screening test or MRI or CT scan or PET scan or Neurological sample collection and testing. As per the result of the test, the doctor has to decide whether they can bring a cure or do have to think of remission. Howbeit, a successful treatment come from tumor removal surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or radiosurgery.

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