Kingston Hospital Ltd Doctor List and Contact Number

As the days are passing by, the demand for good medical care is increasing in Bangladesh. As the income and living standards of the people of Bangladesh are increasing, people are more conscious about their well-being. It is a very common tendency among people when their economic condition gets better, they want to live a life which is better than the previous one.

Like most developed countries, we can now find many international standard hospitals in Bangladesh. The medical care sector of Bangladesh has gone through a huge change in the last few years. Nowadays we can find all kinds of modern medical treatment available in Bangladesh.

The change of the medical industry we are talking about is due to the change in the private medical care in Bangladesh. The public hospitals of Bangladesh always maintained a pretty good standard but the main problem is overcrowding. Due to overcrowding, most of the public hospitals failed to deliver what they promised to the people of our country.

But when the private hospitals started to emerge then the medical scenario of Bangladesh got a new look. With the emergence of a lot of new international and mid-range private hospitals the medical care of Bangladesh got a whole new look. In the past there were private hospitals too, but we should not call them private hospitals but low standard clinics. So, a huge proportion of the people travelled abroad and to the neighboring countries to seek medical assistance.

But those days are now gone and almost all kinds of medical treatment are available in our country. Kingston Hospital Ltd is a private hospital of Bangladesh. We can say that it is an international standard hospital but the amazing part is the charge of medical care in this hospital is as any other mid-range hospitals in Dhaka. This hospital is situated at the north of Dhaka or Mirpur-12, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The hospital building is currently an eight storied building and in the coming years the hospital building will be ten storied. This hospital is a super-facilitated hospital and 100 beds are available in this hospital for the patients. As any other super-facilitated hospital, we can find an emergency unit when we enter this hospital and this emergency unit has all the necessary features you can find at any well-established hospital. The emergency unit is also running 24/7 without any kind of break.

Besides, patients also want hospitals where they can get all kinds of modern intensive care units and these units play a very crucial role in making a hospital’s reputation. The Kingston Hospital Ltd has all kinds of intensive care units we can think of such as ICU, CCU, ICCU and NICU. This hospital also provides its patients with 24/7 ambulance service. Ambulance service of this hospital is also very good.

Kingston Hospital Ltd has its own diagnostics center and a laboratory both of which are of international standard. The cost of all kinds of diagnostics tests is very reasonable here.

The doctors, consultants, nurses and all the other medical staff of this hospital are very much expert in case of medical care. The doctors and the consultants of this hospital have a good academic career as well as a good treatment career. Most of the doctors of this hospital have also acquired some foreign medical degrees.

To know more about the doctors and when they are free to take an appointment and all the other details about the doctors and the hospital are provided in the website of the hospital. Just search for Kingston Hospital Ltd and you will find the website.

Emergency contact numbers are one of the most important features the patients expect a hospital to have these days and the Kingstone Hospital Ltd has also established their own call center for this purpose and the emergency contact number is online for 24/7 and the number is: +880-19529-89866.

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