Labaid Dhamondi Doctor List

Labaid is the most premium specialized cardiac hospital in Bangladesh. It is located in a central location of Dhaka. The main branch or the head office of Labaid is located at Dhanmondi. Dhanmondi is a principal and supreme location of Dhaka and is near a lot of residential places.

You can know about the doctor list of Labaid from this article. You have to read through the article to know about the procedure. The evolution of technology has taken us to this stage where we can gather information from our house and it is a great deal of convenience.

To know about the doctor list, you can go to the Labaid Hospital in person or else there are some other easy ways are there for you. There are public hotlines and dedicated phone numbers there for providing you with information about doctors.

To obtain the list of doctors you can call their hotline number which is 10606. The hotline numbers are dedicated to the people and patients to provide them with uninterrupted service. Moreover, you can also dial their land phone number which is +880258610793-8. You have the option to call any of the six phone numbers at any given moment. To dial a different number than others, you just have to change the last digit. On top of this, there is another land phone line which is enlisted from +880241060908-18. Here you also get eleven phone numbers where you have to change the last couple of digits if you get any of the lines busy.

Adding to these, there is an exclusive cell phone number which is to support a lot of people with their queries. The cell phone or mobile number is +8801713333337. If you need to call their customer service center, you can call the number +8801766662111. In case of detailed answers, you can send them an email as well and the email address is <<>>.

You do not have to worry if you do not have a land phone number at your disposal. You can also call the land phone numbers from your cell phone or mobile phone. The land phone numbers are properly accessible from any of the cell phones. You can also visit the official website of Labaid and there you can find the list of doctors.

The hospitality that you get from Labaid is much appreciated. They provide you a high-quality in hospitality and medical attention. If you need any special care from the hospital, you should reach the reception area first. You can avail yourself of all the information about the hospital and you can get an overview of all facilities.

If you face any emergency, you can also call the Labaid Hospital and they have Ambulances ready for disposal at any time around the clock. You would be carried from your home and the cardiac care ambulances are specialized for providing quick care to patients while they are on the road.

Upon reaching the hospital, you can directly get admitted to the cabin or an ICU. The Labaid Hospital has several exclusive ICUs to support patients who are facing critical situations. ICUs are known as Intensive Care Units and patients are closely monitored each second while they are within this facility.

The doctors of Labaid are highly specialized and expert in their relevant feat. It is a great convenience for you that, each detail of service is served with great care. Along with the doctors, there are expert nurses to help you in an instant and to deliver you the best nature of care. 

The privacy of women is a concern in Bangladesh and always has been. To solve this, there is an ample amount of expert female doctors, nurses, and lab assistants appointed at Labaid Hospital Dhanmondi. Each female issue is dealt with by female individuals thus bringing relief to the people regardless of their religion.

It might be a concern of finance if you want to have your treatment in Dhaka, especially in private hospitals. If you are having financial issues, you should seek your position at some Government hospital like DMC, SSMC, or BSMMRU. If you want a high level of care or specialized care, you can visit Labaid Hospital Dhanmondi. Though, it is recommended that you take a precautionary financial stride beforehand.

The Labaid Hospital Dhanmondi also has a diagnostic center for your tests and the prices are quite convenient. Though, you might get some rebates in test prices from both the Government hospital and Labaid Hospital if you have permission from a Doctor. It is not a salient feature that you can avail it anytime or take it for granted but for a long treatment, you might get some aid.

It is very certain that most patients prefer Labaid for their cardiac problems but in this case, a few precautionary measures are a lot better. It is recommended that you think about your fat intake in advance to keep yourself free from gaining added cholesterol in your body.

Cholesterol is a chain of fatty acids or lipids. Saturated lipid is harmful to your body unlike Omega-3, monounsaturated fat, and polyunsaturated fat. The fat you gain from fish, fish oil, canola oil, olive oil, or other vegetable oil has Omega-3 cholesterol which is beneficial for your body and known as good cholesterol. While meat fat and palm oil fat do not get dissolved into your body and clog in your arteries as cholesterol chains. The accumulation process is slow but harmful in long term. These cholesterol chains form a lump in the arteries of your heart and create a blockage in your blood flow. This is the main reason behind the heart attack of many.

We should have a healthy amount of vegetables and fruits to keep the stomach healthy and to maintain the pH balance. It is not enough that fruits can keep the lipid level low or give your resistance to heart disease. You also have to have some physical exercise to keep your body fit. Even a limited period of exercise can keep your body free from cardiac diseases along with a number of other diseases as well. Make sure to plan your diet chart with proper fruits and veggies, as these boost your immunity.

Albeit, medical attention is necessary for every nature of the disorder in your body. Atop a regular health check-up is suggested for everyone as a preventive measure of healthcare. Labaid Hospital provides you with an all-rounded healthcare and medical facility. Make sure you see a specialist who is directly an expert on the nature of your health problem.

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