Labaid Gulshan Doctor List 2023

Gulshan is the zenith of the luxurious areas in Dhaka. The area is surrounded by splurged buildings and commercial places. Labaid Specialized Hospital also has a multi-disciplinary healthcare center in Gulshan. Labaid is highly recommended for cardiac treatment but the recent development and high-quality doctors are providing opulent medical services throughout the entire health arena. The Gulshan branch of Labaid is located at Gulshan-2 and the address of the hospital is House- 13/A, Road- 35, Gulshan-02, Dhaka.

In order to have the list of the doctors, you can reach the Labaid premises directly and can read the brochure or engraved list inside the compound. You can also call their hotline number for your direct contact and you would be able to know the list of the doctors through their executive member. The hotline number of Labaid Gulshan is 10606. You can also place a call through the cellphone and the number is 01766662525. Besides just knowing the list of doctors, you can also call them for ambulance services or any other amenity which they provide. The landline number of the hospital is +880258610793-8 and the email address is <<>>. 

The hospital is equipped with a ton of extravagant and obligatory services. You would get mineral RO-treated water at the facility. The premise is fire-secured, laundry added, fully air-conditioned, and catered. Moreover, the facility provides personal refrigerators for patients, a nurse calling system, a communication system, LPG supplies, etc.

Health Concern (Leukemia)

Leukemia is blood-related cancer in the human body. Specifically, the production of white blood cells is the main concern of leukemia. While bone marrows produce a generous amount of red blood cells and a decent amount of white blood cells. When a patient faces leukemia, that individual’s bone marrows produce an excessive amount of white blood cells which imbalance the properties of the blood.


Leukemia appears with fever and cold in patients. The patient loses body vigor and becomes weak. The bones and the joints produce fatigue. Body weight also gets decreased. In addition, many other infections attack the body, and nosebleeding is seen in many cases as well. The patient faces a lot of sweating and small red spots appear on the skin.


The exact reason for leukemia is yet to be known. Mostly it is believed that the problem is genetic. The disease can also occur due to any kind of mutagenesis in blood cells for which the normal blood production rate gets hampered.

In addition, if someone previously gets chemotherapy, that individual might get leukemia. Also, smoking and exposure to excessive industrial chemicals can cause leukemia.


A healthy life is always appreciated. One should not smoke or expose themselves to benzene (chemical) or other noxious industry chemicals. On top of these, everyone should avoid getting exposed to radiation. High radiation levels can cause leukemia and other cancers as well.


There are a few kinds of leukemia but chemotherapy and chemoimmunotherapy is the first treatment against leukemia. The disease can only be reduced but it can not be fully treated; neither with medicines nor with chemotherapy. Though, a few other prescribed medicines for leukemia are Methotrexate, Cytarabine, Dexamethasone, Vincasar, Oncaspar, etc.

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