Labaid Gynecologist Doctor List 2023

Labaid is a multidisciplinary and specialized private hospital. Along with 18 other branches in the country, the hospital is running its operation from the head office at Dhanmondi. The hospital puts full attention to the privacy of women and you can rely on the quality team of female doctors, nurses, and lab attendees at Labaid.

Labaid has a proper gynae and obs department, it has all-around medical support in gynae area. To know the gynecologist list of Labaid, you can simply dial their hotline number 10606. Also, there are a few authorized phone numbers of Labaid and you can pick up the list by calling them. The service cell phone numbers of the hospital are 01766661452 and 01766661900. You can also get the gynecologist list by calling the land phone number which is +880258610793-8. For your larger queries, you can email them at <<>>. 

Health Concern (Gas and Gas Pain)

The proliferation of gas often takes place as our stomach process digestion. It is totally a natural process and it gets released by burps or flatus. Though, if it gets trapped inside our digestive system, we experience gas pain and disorder. The problem is not always related to our digestive system but also the nature of our food intake has a huge role in its occurrence.



The first couple of symptoms related to gas are burping and gas passing (flatus). A more active gas problem provides the feeling the fullness within the stomach which is known as bloating. A gas problem is really understood when someone feels pain or a cramp in the abdomen. Sometimes it induces irritation in the esophagus or alimentary canal.


If you swallow air while having food or drink, it might create some gas which is very common and gets released by burps. Although, sometimes our food does not properly get digested inside our stomach and the remaining foods create gas inside the digestive tract. However, the microbes in our intestine have many gaseous molecules but the remaining gases create this problem.

Moreover, there are a few foods that are heavy to digest thus causing gas at times. A few of the foods that expedite gas are,

  • Whole grains
  • Legumes (Peas and Beans)
  • Fruits and Veggies
  • Alcohol, sodas, and beer
  • Fiber supplements



There are a few medications that can release your gas within quick succession but bringing a change in food habits is a lot better than trying medication for solving this problem.


You should avoid the following food in order to bring a reduction to your gas,

  • Lactose-containing products or dairy products
  • Fat containing foods
  • Oil
  • Foods that are high in fiber
  • Substitutes to sugar

However, if you want to get rid of gas quickly, you can try medications like Simethicone or Omeprazole.


To add, there are a few quick ways through which you can get rid of gas quickly,

  • Drink noncarbonated or bicarbonate drink
  • Gas-relieving yoga poses
  • ACV or apple cider vinegar
  • Walk around a bit or move for a few minutes
  • Gently massage the spot



Avoid distraction while eating and chew the food properly before swallowing. Remember to take an adequate amount of water every day and a bit more water when you take foods that contain fiber. Rather than eating a vast amount at once, eat in smaller portions within quick succession. However, regular aerobics or physical exercise is good for treating gas and intestinal health.

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