Labaid Hospital Cardiologist Doctor List 2023

Labaid Hospital is a specialized chain of hospitals in the cardiology sector and a multidisciplinary hospital overall. Labaid has its head office situated in Dhanmondi and has other hospital branches around different locations in Dhaka and all around Bangladesh. There are 11 branches of Labaid in Dhaka Only. Moreover, 19 other branches of Labaid are situated in different parts of the country.

For the doctor list or the list of cardiologists, you have to dial the hotline number of Labaid. The hotline number of Labaid is 10606. The phone number 01713333337 is dedicated all around the clock to solving your emergency situation. You might be staying in any part of the country and calling on this number can readily dispatch an ambulance or other services to your location. Labaid has a couple of home service numbers as well, which are 01766661900 and 01766661452.

Labaid has specialists in the cardiology sector and they are highly renowned in their arena. The cardiologists of Labaid are chosen after a lot of scrutinies. Labaid has special ambulances for supporting heart patients to support them while they are on the way. The hospital also contains diagnostic centers, a blood bank, a pharmacy, and other general services which a patient might require to manage their stay in the hospital.

Health Concern (Heart Valve Disease)

There are four heart valves that help regulate the blood flow in the right direction within the heart. The valves are known as pulmonary, mitral, aortic, and tricuspid. These valves are situated in the four different compartments of the heart. They need to regulate each time a heartbeat is completed. Failure in any of them performing is known as heart valve disease.


If the valves fail to close properly, that would cause a blood leak. This is known as prolapse and is recognized as a heart valve problem. There is an opposite case where the heart valves become too stiff and the opening of the valves gets narrowed down. This is called stenosis. The last cause is known as atresia where a blockage occurs within the regulatory area of the valves.


The patient feels heavy pain in their heart. When listened to closely, a whooshing sound is heard via the stethoscope. The patient might get dizzy or might get fainted. Usually, the disease comes with shortness of breath. The heartbeat becomes irregular and fatigue is felt.

Associated Problems

The patient might be a victim of heart failure or a stroke at any given moment. The blood forms a clot at times. The rhythm of the heart gets disturbed and unbalanced. In severe cases, even the patient might die as well.


The medications can not solve the heart valve problems but can help the problem not to get deteriorated. The previous generation did not have proper surgery but nowadays surgeries are being performed to cure the valves properly. Also, there is a new method through which the heart valve disease could be solved which is called angioplasty. A few of the medications which are related to curing heart valve problems are called calcium channel blockers, digoxin, and beta-blockers.

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