Labaid Hospital Mymensingh Doctor List 2023

Labaid is a trusted name in the healthcare sector all-around Bangladesh. Labaid is highly trusted due to its services in the cardiac sector and a quality hospital overall. Labaid has 19 branches all over Bangladesh and Mymensingh branch is one of them with a prior reputation. It is a 250-bed hospital and the address of the hospital is 72, Medical College Cate, Charpara, Mymensingh.

If you need the doctor list of the hospital, you might consider reaching them virtually. You are just a phone call away from having the doctor’s list. You can call their official number 01766663000. Moreover, you can dial their hotline number as well which is 10606. On top of these, you can reach the premises in person and collect the list of the doctor. To place a detailed query, you can email them as well. The official address of Labaid is <<>>

Each year Labaid produces about two million of satisfied clients. The organization has a total of 5,000 corp at its disposal and 800 quality doctors for their services. The Mymensingh branch of Labaid has 10 operation theaters which can make enough room to provide all operational needs. Also, the hospital has diagnostic facilities, OPD, radiology, and other mandatory services.

Health Concern (Tennis Elbow)

Hearing the name “Tennis Elbow” might let us remember the names of athletes. Though, this problem is not associated with athletes only. Tennis elbow is the pain associated with the tendons of the elbow. When the arm and the wrist go through repetitive functions and it gets an overload, it might develop tennis elbow. However, the players are not the only one who goes through this problem but also butchers, carpenters, and factory workers might get this problem as well.


Tennis elbow inflicts pain in that certain area. The pain can also generate a tremor while holding any object regardless of the size. The patient might also face problems while opening a door or turning a knob or tap, etc.



As said before, this problem occurs due to an overload of tendons. It is a simple kind of strain and occurs due to countless repetitions of a single task over a long time span.



The first treatment for tennis elbow is to take a rest and minimize the tasks of that arm. If the problem continues to occur for even longer, you might consult with the doctor. The doctor can suggest some exercises to the patients with tennis elbow. In many cases, an arm strap or braces are advised.

Nowadays, doctors use TENEX or ultrasonic tenotomy process. In this process, a special needle is pierced through the skin and ultrasonic energy is used to move the needle. The needle is placed on the very specific tendon where the pain is located. The vibration of the needle is so fast that the tissues of that place are liquefied. After being done, the liquefied tissue is suctioned out. A prolonged period (6-12 months) of the existence of the problem might require surgery. 

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