Labaid Specialized Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

The name Labaid Specialized Hospital is a prominent name in Bangladesh’s medical scenario. Labaid is also a name of trust among the Bangladeshi people. This hospital is one of the first hospitals which has introduced a modern medical care system to the Bangladeshi people. There is a chain of hospitals, clinics, diagnostics centers and many other medical institutions owned by the Labaid group.

The Labaid group works with a vision to improve the medical care system of Bangladesh. The Labaid specialized Hospital and Labaid Hospital Dhanmondi are two subsidiaries of the Labaid group. The Labaid group has also opened their own pharmacies around Dhaka city in recent years. The Labaid Specialized Hospital is one of the international class hospitals available in Bangladesh.

Labaid Specialized Hospital Dhanmondi

Labaid Specialized Hospital started its journey back on 15th July, 2004. The hospital was established with a view to prevent Bangladeshi people going abroad for medical treatment. In the past when there were no international standard private hospitals in Bangladesh and the public hospitals always had an issue of overcrowding.

For that reason, there was a tendency of going abroad among the Bangladeshi people to seek medical attention in overseas countries. Traveling overseas just to seek medical care is a very bothersome work and it is costly too. After the emergence of world class private hospitals, the people of Bangladesh got a huge relief. Labaid Specialized Hospital is situated at Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

This is one of the first super facilitated hospitals of the country. Labaid Specialized Hospital is dedicated for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. But do not think that the hospital treats only the patients of cardiovascular diseases as all kinds of modern medical treatment is available in this hospital.

Labaid Specialized Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

This hospital has treated a huge number of patients in the last two decades. It has become a center of excellence in the field of medical care of Bangladesh. The main reason behind the success of this hospital is the cost of treatment in this hospital is very low compared to other international class hospitals of Bangladesh. The doctors of the Labaid Specialized hospital are one of the best in the entire sub-continent.

These doctors have earned their medical degrees from well-known medical institutions and have also earned higher medical degrees from well-known universities abroad. The other medical staff and the nurses of this hospital are also very much experienced and have a huge experience in the field of medical treatment.

The Labaid Specialized Hospital also has all the necessary things needed for an international level hospital. All the modern medical machinery of modern medical science is here in the hospital. The hospital also has a top-notch operation theater. Diagnostics tests are also very much needed by the doctors to confirm a disease these days. That’s why the Labaid group has also established a high-tech diagnostics center and a laboratory beside the hospital. The test reports if this hospital is pretty accurate and they take a lot less than the other hospitals.

Labaid Specialized Hospital Dhanmondi Contact Phone Number

These days the patients want to know more about the doctors and the hospitals before they see a doctor or go to a hospital. In this case, the hospital has created their own websites and uploaded all the necessary things the patients need to know. The list of the doctors is provided in the website of the Labaid Specialized Hospital. The schedule of the doctors is also provided here on the website. The patients can also apply for an appointment via the website.

The helpline contact number is a crying need for the hospitals. These helpline numbers help the patients to connect with the patients more easily. The patients can fulfill their queries and ask for appointments via these numbers. The patients can also file complaints via these numbers. The contact number of the Labaid Specialized Hospital is: +88-02-9676356. There is also a customer care number of the hospital which is: +880-176-666-21-11.

The Labaid Specialized Hospital is a well-known hospital and the service of the hospital can satisfy anyone without any doubt.

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