Life Aid Specialized Hospital Pvt Ltd Doctor List and Contact Number

Medical care is one of the fundamental needs of a human being without any kind of doubt. Without medical care it is an important question that how our life would be! The improvements in the medical care sector have made our life a lot easier and comfortable. Those days are long gone when people feared diseases like some mythological monster. In the whole world the medical sector has transformed dramatically in the last century. Like the rest of the world, the medical sector of Bangladesh has gone through a dramatic transformation.

If we look back at the history of Bangladesh, we will see that, in the last few years, the private medical sector of Bangladesh has boomed more than ever before. There was not a single one good private hospital in Bangladesh. But from the beginning of this century the situation started to improve. In the last 20 years or so many new private hospitals have emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh.

The Life Aid Specialized Hospital is one of the prominent mid-range private hospitals In Bangladesh. This hospital started its operation a few years back and since then it has gained a lot of popularity for its low cost and good service. This hospital is situated at Kazipara, Begum Rokeya Sharani, Mirpur, Dhaka. This hospital is housed in a ten storied building and the area of land which it covers is also huge.

Around 200 patients can be admitted into this hospital as this hospital has 200 beds available. This hospital is a modern hospital in every sense of the phrase. This hospital has all kinds of modern facilities a patient would expect from a hospital these days. Intensive care units are one of the crying needs of the patients these days and for that reason Life Aid Specialized Hospital has also established its intensive care units. ICU, CCU, ICCU, NICU and all the other kinds of modern intensive care units are available here.

Patients these days expect that a good hospital should also provide ambulance service. Life Aid Specialized Hospital is one of the hospitals which always thinks of the welfare of the patients and for that reason the hospital provides ambulance service which is available 24/7. Besides, this hospital has its diagnostics center and all kinds of diagnostic tests can be done here.

So, the patients do not need to go somewhere else only for the diagnostics test purpose. It is a very bothersome job for the patients and the family of the patients to shift the patient for a short time into a diagnostics center and then again shift back to the hospital frequently. That’s why patients want to get admitted into the hospital which has its own diagnostics center and laboratory. The test results are pretty much accurate here and the cost of tests is very much reasonable here.

The discussion would not be proper if we are discussing a hospital but not talking about anything about the doctors. The doctors and the other staff who work in this hospital are top-notch. These people are very professional and they know how to treat the patients. All the people who have received the treatment at this hospital have a very good experience with the doctors.

These doctors have completed their medical degrees from all the renowned medical colleges or universities. Some of the doctors also have completed higher medical degrees from abroad. If you are interested about the doctors who work here, then you should visit the website or the Facebook page of the hospital and there you can find the doctor list of this hospital and many other necessary details about the hospital.

These days it is a very essential job to have an emergency contact number or helpline number for a hospital where the patients can call whenever they want to. Life Aid Specialized Hospital also has its emergency contact number and the number is: +88-02-9026253.

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