Lubana General Hospital and Cardiac Center Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

As the days are passing by, our world is changing and evolving. In the last few years or decades have changed our lives for good. Back in the time of renaissance, humanity found a new purpose in their lives and now in the modern times we are living a revolution such as the renaissance and this revolution is called the Renaissance of Technology. We are currently living in an age of technology and the internet. The people who are alive today are totally dependent on technology and on the internet for their daily life activities.

With all these changes it was evident that the medical sector of our world will be changed soon and the change happened before anyone can see it coming. These days the doctors can help you cure most diseases. The scientists have developed vaccines and other medicines to help the patients get better. Even these days we have some medical instruments which are very much new to us and many new kinds of medical instruments are being introduced to us every now and then.

There was a time when people thought of MRI as a very expensive test but nowadays you can do all kinds of tests at a very low price and almost anywhere in the world. The medical sector of the whole world has changed dramatically over the years and the governments of all the countries in the world are now very much conscious about the health of their citizens.

With all the other countries of the world, Bangladesh has also treated the medical sector as a very important one in the last few years and the medical sector of Bangladesh today is a different one than it was 15 to 20 years ago. In the last few years, Bangladesh has gained new heights in terms of finance and when the economic condition of a country changes the people of that country want to live a better lifestyle than before.

Medical care is one of the fundamental needs of a human being and without the medical care sector we cannot live for long. But it is impossible for the government hospitals of Bangladesh to meet the medical care demand of the people of the country as it is a very densely populated country. That’s why in the last few years, the demand for private medical care has increased in Bangladesh. With the demand increasing many new private hospitals have been introduced to us.

Lubana General Hospital and cardiac Center is such a hospital. This hospital is one of the most popular hospitals in Uttara. Uttara is a comparatively new part of Dhaka and the population of this area is growing from time to time. With the increase in the population the demand for good medical care also boosted.

Lubana General Hospital is housed in a 12 storied building and this hospital has around 200 beds available to them. This hospital has all the modern facilities a patient can seek in a hospital these days. This hospital is fully equipped with all the modern medical machinery and operation theaters.

The operation theaters of this hospital are of particular importance as this hospital’s operation theaters are one of the most advanced operation theaters of the country. This hospital also has its own 24/7 ambulance service. The main reason behind why this hospital got this much popularity is, the low expense of treatment and the international standard of the hospital.

To run a hospital these days we need a number of intensive care units and many other things such as diagnostics center and others. The doctors of this hospital are also very much experienced and they have acquired their medical degrees from the reputed medical institutes of Bangladesh.

If you are interested in the doctor list of the hospital then visit the hospital’s website. In the website you can find all the details you need to know about the doctors. This hospital has a hotline number and the number is: +880-2-55085972.

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