Makka Eye Hospital Uttara Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Our body may be the most valuable asset we can ever own and our body is developed through the passage of time to adjust with the environment. Our body has also changed over the course of time according to our needs. But the problem is the body we live in is not everlasting and like any other thing on the earth, our body is also futile and can get heart. We all know that in our body there are different kinds of parts for various reasons and various purposes. Eye is one of those body parts which are very much essential for our survival.

Eye is also one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. Without our eyes we are very much helpless as through eyes we experience all the things we do. With the emergence of technology our lifestyle has changed dramatically and these days we have to spend a lot of time just looking at our smartphone screens or at the screen of other devices. For that reason, these days a lot of people are suffering from eye diseases. Eye is a very sensitive organ and it is also more unique than the other ones. That’s why the eyes need special treatment when necessary.

These days we can see a number of good eye care hospitals around the globe. Some of the hospitals are so advanced that those hospitals try to perform all the eye surgeries with the help of machinery and surgeons also. In the past there were not a single specialized eye hospital in Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh suffered very much just because of the lacking of specialized eye hospitals.

But the time has changed and as the medical sector of Bangladesh. In the last few years, a huge number of public and private specialized eye hospitals have started operating in Bangladesh. Some of those hospitals are also of international standard.

Makka Eye Hospital is a very popular name in the medical sector of Bangladesh. This hospital was established back in 2009 and since then the popularity and the reputation of this hospital only boosted. The key feature of the hospital is, this hospital has the ability to provide international standard medical care at a very low price. The cost of treatment in this private hospital is just like any other public hospital of the country.

Makka Eye Hospital is located at Uttara. Uttara is a neighborhood of Dhaka and this is a very posh and luxurious neighborhood of the city. That’s why Makka Eye Hospital was established in this part of Dhaka as there were no eye hospitals in this neighborhood before this.

Makka Eye Hospital has all kinds of medical facilities a world-class eye hospital needs these days. All kinds of medical treatment related to the eye is available here. This hospital is a specialized hospital just for the eyes and that’s why this hospital is only open for 10 am in the morning till 4 pm in the afternoon after that the outdoor division is going to be closed.

That means only the patients who are admitted in the hospital can only get the medical attention of the doctors after that time period. If you want to visit a doctor then just visit the outdoor section of the hospital.

The consultants or the doctors who work here are well-educated and have a huge experience in the field of eye care. Some doctors who work here also have acquired medical degrees from foreign countries. In an eye hospital the surgeons are the backbone of a hospital and only the best surgeons are hired in the Makka Eye Hospital Uttara.

The success rate of operation of this hospital is 97%. Which is a very high mark if we compare it with the other eye hospitals of Bangladesh. If you want to see a doctor from this hospital or if you want to know more about the doctors who work here, just check out the website of the hospital. The hotline number of the hospital is: 01733576390.

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