Marie Stopes Premium Maternity Clinic Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Bangladesh has changed a lot in the past few decades. After the liberation war back in 1971 the whole country was going through a very tough time. Back then the medical care system of Bangladesh was very poor. But the time has changed a lot in the last few decades and like the other sectors of the country the medical care system has also changed by much.

There were many public hospitals available in the country but the number of beds in these hospitals were very low. Then the private hospitals and clinics started to emerge in the soil of Bangladesh. Many well-known hospitals of the world also opened branches in Bangladesh. From that time on the whole medical care system of Bangladesh got a new look.

Marie Stopes Premium Maternity Clinic Dhanmondi

Marie Stopes Maternity Clinic is one of the clinics which is very much popular in Bangladesh. This particular clinic has branches all over the country. More than 300 branches of Marie Stopes Clinics are currently available in the country. In the past the Bangladeshi people have suffered a lot just because of the complications during the pregnancy period.

The death rate of infants and pregnant women was very high in the region. The Marie Stopes Clinic has played a crucial part in improving this situation in Bangladesh. Nowadays the maternity complications and the death rate of both infants and the mothers have declined by much.

Marie Stopes Clinic is a name of trust in case of pregnancy and other women related disease. Marie Stopes is more than a clinic to the people of Bangladesh. As this particular clinic has not only served the patients over the years but also it has created a huge amount of awareness among the Bangladeshi people specially among the women.

Marie Stopes Premium Maternity Clinic Dhanmondi Doctor List

How the women can lead a healthy life, what to do and what not to do during pregnancy, what to do in the time of period and many other things the Bangladeshi women learn from the Marie Stopes Clinic. In the rural parts of the country the complications rate of pregnant women was very high and the main focus of Marie Stopes was to help the women who live in the rural parts of the country. Marie Stopes Clinic has succeeded for sure in this mission. The women living in the rural parts of the country have got proper treatment in the time of emergency and delivered children successfully.

Beside the medical care the clinic also offers a family planning program. The population problem of Bangladesh is a huge problem for the country for that reason the government of Bangladesh has taken many initiatives over the years. The Marie Stopes Clinic has helped the government of Bangladesh to achieve its goal.

Marie Stopes Premium Maternity Clinic Dhanmondi Contact Phone Number

Marie Stopes has launched a lot of programs and campaigns over the years to enhance the awareness about using contraceptives among the people of Bangladesh. The Marie Stopes Clinic started their journey in Bangladesh in 1988 and since then it has been working tirelessly. The Marie Stopes Clinic also worked on sexually transmitted diseases and created awareness about the diseases among the Bangladeshi people.

The Marie Stopes Clinic mainly deals with gynecology diseases. For that reason, the doctors who work in the clinics of Marie Stopes are the best in the entire country. These doctors helped a lot of patients over the years. These doctors have completed their academic studies form reputed medical institutes of the country. To know more about the doctors the patients should go to the website of the Marie Stopes Clinic and the patient has to provide his/her the branch they want to see a doctor. Then the doctor list of that branch will be shown on the website with all the details of the doctors.

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The patients also want to get in touch with the clinic whenever they want these days and for that reason the Marie Stopes Clinic has established a helpline center for the patients. The Dhanmondi branch of the Marie Stopes also has a helpline contact number and the number is: 08000-222-333.

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