Max Hospital Chittagong Doctor List 2023

Chittagong is the second most commercial region in Bangladesh. With a population of 45 lacs, the city definitely needs quality healthcare for saving lives. Also, having a proper diagnostic center at the hospital premises solves the day and life of many. Max Hospital is one of the best and leading hospitals in Chittagong. The hospital fully started its operation in 2015 and serving with great success till then.

The hospital is located at the heart of the city of Chittagong. It facilitates many to reach their healthcare destination from a variable region of the city or countryside. The address of Max Hospital is 35/36, Mehedibag Road, Chawkbazar, Chattogram. The hospital is fully equipped in each area of healthcare and you can get yourself treated by highest rated doctors in the country.

The top-rated doctors of Max Hospital are the reason to bring the hospital forward to this state of achievement. For the doctor list of Max Hospital Chittagong, you can simply dial their hotline number or place a call on their phone number. Adding to this, you can also book your appointment with the doctor by calling their dedicated cell phone number exclusively for virtual appointments.

The hotline number of Max Hospital Chittagong is 01797-584583. To book an appointment with the doctor you could consider either of their reserved numbers for booking which is 01713-998199 and 01797584583. Moreover, if you want to call the land phone, the numbers are 031-622518, 031-622517, and 622519-20.

The hospital provides services all around the clock to the patients. You can find the OPD department open all the time and also the emergency department with services. On top of that, the hospital facilitates emergency ambulance services ready to dispatch at any moment. Individually the hospital is a multidisciplinary hospital and you can get treated in almost any of medical arena. You can also take your tests from the diagnostic section of the hospital which is a great convenience for all patients. On top of these, you can take special packages for your tests which can save you a bunch of funds.

The Max Hospital Chittagong has a long list of doctors and they all are highly specialized in their area of expertise. Also, the hospital is serving with great acknowledgment for almost a decade. You definitely can expect better care, hospitality, and housing from the hospital. Nevertheless, you have to have enough funds for your healthcare. A tiny fund can really hamper your proper healthcare and it can suddenly get interrupted at any moment. To proceed make sure to know about the costs associated with the disease. You should have a look at the custom brochure of the hospital and have to discuss further finances involved.

If you find yourself short on finances, you might consider having a bank loan or an external loan. If you fail to achieve either of these, you can also take your treatments from a Government hospital at a token price. Even though housing or staying in a Government hospital might be a bit harsh on many and in those cases it is best for you to manage your stay outside and get treated from the hospital.

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