Medi Home Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

With the emergence of technology our life has changed for good. As the technology developed over the years, the medical care sector of the world also changed a lot with it. Nowadays, doctors can treat almost all kinds of illnesses. Beside the medical sector, the vaccine sector and all the other sectors related to the medical sector have also developed over the years.

The usage of technology has also increased in the medical sector these days. Like the rest of the world, the treatment sector of Bangladesh has also improved by much. The private medical care sector of Bangladesh has improved a lot in the last few years.

The Medi Home Hospital is one of the private hospitals of Bangladesh which has gained a good amount of popularity in the last few years. This hospital is located at Mirpur-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is one of the few hospitals of Dhaka which is a mid-range hospital but can offer medical service which is of international standard. In Mirpur and the surrounding area this hospital is a name of trust.

People from all over Bangladesh come to this hospital to seek medical assistance. This is a mid-range hospital but this hospital has the ability to provide world-class treatment. All kinds of modern medical technology are available at this hospital. But the main reason for the popularity of this hospital is the affordable cost of treatment.

In these modern times, a lot of things are necessary for a hospital to become successful and in the competitive private medical sector of Bangladesh, it is very much necessary for the hospitals to have all these things. Like the emergency unit, it is a must have thing for the hospitals which want to maintain an international standard.

The hospital also needs a number of intensive care units such as ICU, CCU, NICU and ICCU. Medi Home Hospital has all these intensive care units at their disposal. There are several operation theaters in this hospital and all the operation theaters are world-class. This hospital also provides 24/7 ambulance service for the patients.

We all know that; diagnostics centers are one of the crucial factors of the medical sector of today. The patients also these days prefers the hospitals which have diagnostics center over the hospitals which do not have one. The Medi Home Hospital has also established its own diagnostics center and a world-class laboratory where all kinds of tests are available. That’s why the patients do not need to feel any kind of hassle with the tests and the price of tests are also very much low compared to most of the hospitals in Dhaka. The technicians who work in this hospital are also very much experienced.

There are a lot of different departments available in this hospital and all the departments are led by one of the best doctors of the country. Gynecology, Orthopedics, Dental, Oncology you name it all kinds of departments are available in this hospital.

The doctors and the other staff who work in this hospital are of the best in the entire country. The doctors who work in this hospital have a very good record of treating patients. The surgeons of this hospital are also very experienced and have done a lot of surgeries successfully in the last few years.

These doctors have completed their medical degrees from the best medical teaching institutes of the country and some of the doctors also have foreign medical degrees. To know more about the hospital and the doctors who work in this hospital, you should visit the website of the hospital. In the website all kinds of information related to the hospital is provided.

The hospitals these days have emergency and helpline contact numbers. The Medi Home Hospital also has an emergency contact number and this number is online 24/7. So that, the patients can reach out to the hospital whenever they need. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-1988-180000.

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