Medicine Specialist in Mirpur Dhaka Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Mirpur is an emerging suburb of Dhaka city. The population and the living facility of this particular neighborhood of this area is increasing day by day. If we look at the past this area was not a main hub of the capital city of Bangladesh but in the last ten or some years the population and the economic condition of this area has increased and nowadays this is considered as one of the most important neighbourhoods of Dhaka city.

There are some fundamental needs of a human being to lead a healthy and prosperous life, proper medical treatment is one of them. Medical treatment is a right of every individual who is living on this earth. Without proper medical treatment, the life of a man is no better than that of a beast.

We have struggled a lot in the past as we did not have a cure for most of the diseases but with the passage of time, we have molded the nature around us according to our needs. We have also invented many new forms of treatment and we have also invented medicine, modern medical machinery, vaccines and many other medical instruments to lead a healthy life. The hospitals we see today are also very much different than we had to use a few years ago.

The whole medical system of the whole world has changed in the last few decades. With the rest of the world, the medical care system of Bangladesh has also changed a lot in the last two or three decades. These days one can find all kinds of modern medical care treatment in the soil of Bangladesh. The main reason behind the drastic change of the medical care system of our country is the private medical sector. There were many world-class public hospitals in Bangladesh in the past but the space and bed capacity these hospitals have are very much less compared to the population of the country.

For this reason, the private medical industry of our country emerged and has met the needs of the people. Nowadays, there are a number of hospitals in Bangladesh which are capable of providing international standard medical care to the people of Bangladesh. Some of the private hospitals of our country are so good that people from many neighboring countries also visit Bangladesh just to seek medical treatment.

The mid-range private hospitals are the main game changer in the field of medical treatment in Bangladesh. As most of the people here live a middle-class life and they do not have the money to afford a high-end hospital. That’s why a lot of mid-range private hospitals emerged in the medical sector of Bangladesh but not all the hospitals are that good.

Mirpur Adhunik Hospital and Diagnostics Center is one of the most recognized mid-range private hospitals in Bangladesh. This hospital is located in Pallabi, Mirpur 12, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The location of a hospital is very much crucial these days and the location of this hospital is very prominent. The Word “Adhunik” means modern. And this hospital has all the modern medical equipment needed to run a hospital successfully these days. This hospital is also one of the oldest hospitals in Dhaka and has a very rich history for treating and helping a lot of people.

The hospital building is built on 17,000 square feet of land and the building consists of 12 stories. This hospital is open 24/7, meaning the hospital never closes and this hospital has an emergency unit which is also running 24/7 without any kind of break. Modern operation theaters, a good team of doctors, nurses, surgeons and technicians are also available in this hospital.

The doctors and the surgeons of this hospital have a very good reputation among the people of Dhaka city. If you want to see a doctor or a consultant of this hospital then you surely need to visit the website or the Facebook page of this hospital and there you can find all the necessary details about the doctors and the hospital. The doctor list of the hospital is also available at the website of the hospital.

Mirpur Adhunik Hospital and Diagnostics Center also has a contact number for their patients. The patients can call at this number whenever they want and the support team of the hospital is always ready to help the patients. The contact number of the hospital is: +88-02-9011670.

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