Medinova Dhanmondi Doctor List 2023

Medinova is a multinational healthcare and treatment organization. The organization was founded back in the year 1990 in Ireland. The company runs their operation throughout the Gulf countries. Bangladesh also has a stream of Medinova hospitals and diagnostic centres in greater cities. The head office of Medinova is situated in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. The address of the hospital is, House 71/A, Road 5/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka.

The hospital has a list of expert and experienced doctors. You can get the list of the doctors most convincingly by calling them at their official cell phone or landline numbers. The cell phone number of Medinova Dhanmondi is 01750-557722. If you want to call the landline, the numbers are +8802-58610661-5, and +8802-58610682-4. You can dial the numbers from your cell phones or mobile phones as well. If you want to contact them through email or want to make a detailed query, you can email them at

Medinova provides you with quality healthcare and diagnosis at a very cheap price. Though, most people use their services for health certificates that are needed to travel abroad. Not only travel but also business, communication, job, and educational immigration or migration asks for health certificates and foreign countries trust the certification of Medinova. Additionally, you would get warm hospitality and a clean environment around the premises.

Health Concern:

Our today’s talking point is liver cancer. There are three kinds of liver cancers. The most common one is called hepatocellular carcinoma which is inflammation of the liver and mostly occurs due to the exposure of the liver to toxins or alcohol. The other two types are hepatoblastoma and cholangiocarcinoma which are rarely seen. We would discuss the hepatocellular carcinoma beneath.


You might lose weight without any workout or controlling of diet. Also, vomiting or nausea is observed. Your stools can get chalky and white. You would also lose appetite along with pain in the liver region. A mix of fatigue and overall weakness is observed is many situations.


Cancers are simple mutations observed in human DNA. Any chemical imbalance or any aberration of genetic mapping can cause cancer within the human body. Many patients develop liver cancer from a long-time habit of alcohol consumption. Also, few might get it from hepatitis infections. Though no one is yet certain about any specific reason behind the cause but a variety or a mix of situations may involve in the development of the problem.


Treatment of the disease is very costly. Although, 43% of those who can detect the disease at a very early stage have a 35% possibility to prolong the life span or sustainability by up to five years.

Sometimes the cancerous cells are removed. If possible the liver is also transplanted by a properly healthy liver. Also, the cryoablation procedure is adopted where an extremely low temperature is applied to the cancerous cells to destroy the activity of those cells.

Selective beaming, radiation, and chemoembolization approach are taken for reduction of the cancerous growth.


We promote the prevention measures as always to save you from health problems. One should maintain a clean, healthy, and non-alcoholic habit for staying safe from liver cancer. Also, one should maintain a normal weight and avoid being overweight or obese for being safe from this problem.

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