Medinova Medical Services Ltd Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Bangladesh is improving as a nation and a country day by day. The Bangladesh we know today is very different then the one we knew a few years back. In all the aspects of life the country is developing. From business to the revolution in the tech side , the nation has developed a lot and is also developing every day. Like the other sectors, the medical care sector of Bangladesh has come a long way.

There was a time when most of the people in Bangladesh did not have access to any kind of proper treatment, a large number of the population had to rely on a bunch of quacks. But the time has changed and a lot of new world class hospitals have emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh in the last two or three decades. But only good hospitals cannot fulfill all the medical care requirements of a country. Besides, the hospitals of a country need many other things like the diagnostics center, model pharmacies and many other things.

The name Medinova Medical Services is a very popular name in the field of medical treatment of Bangladesh. Medinova group is a medical service group which has a lot of hospitals, diagnostics centers, pharmacies and other medical related institutions across the country. The first Medinova Hospital was established in Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Medinova Medical Services Ltd Dhanmondi Doctor List

Later the group expanded its operation and established hospitals, diagnostics centers and a lot of other institutions across Dhaka as well as the country. Medinova Medical Services Ltd Dhanmondi is the first ever branch of the Medinova franchise. This is a hospital and the former name of this hospital was Medinova Hospital. But later the name changed to Medinova Medical Services Ltd.

The Medinova Medical Services Ltd Dhanmondi branch is housed in a seven storied building. The bed count of this hospital is around 250. Besides, the hospital has a number of intensive care units. All the modern hospitals these days need these intensive care units.

There is a story behind the name changing of the hospital. The Medinova group has started a new service beside their hospital services. They have started medical services for the immigrants who go abroad for jobs and these people need a full medical inspection and the help of doctors to become fit before they go to a foreign country. That’s when the medical services of Medinova come into play. Medinova also has their normal operation as a hospital on going but they have changed the name.

Medinova Medical Services has a good history in treating patients. Medinova belongs to the group of one of the oldest private hospitals in Bangladesh. The Medinova Dhanmondi branch was opened back in the late 90s. Since then, it has treated a lot of patients relentlessly. Medinova is best known for their low cost of treatment but good quality of service. Medinova offers the best and complete medical care package for all kinds of patients. There are a lot of departments available in this hospital and all the departments have a bunch of well-qualified doctors. The hospital also established a high-tech laboratory and diagnostics center in the premises of the hospital.

Medinova Medical Services Ltd Dhanmondi Contact Number

As one of the oldest hospitals of the country Medinova possesses one of the best doctors of the country for sure. The doctors of this hospital have graduated from all the well-known medical institutes of the country and some of them also have foreign medical degrees. Some of the doctors are also teachers of distinguished medical colleges and universities.

So, it is evident that the doctors of this particular hospital are one of the best. All the details that are necessary of the doctors are provided in the website so that the patients can learn about the doctors before seeing one and choose wisely which doctor to see.

Medinova Medical Services Ltd Dhanmondi also has an emergency contact number where the patients can call 24/7. This helpline is always open for the betterment of the patients and the contact number is: +88-0258-610682-4.

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